Noises In The Attic? How to Know If Raccoons Have Broken In

Noises In The Attic? How to Know If Raccoons Have Broken In

Noises in The Attic? Well, animals might have broken in.  Chances an animal has decided to break into your home. The type of noise or even the time of day you hear the noise might indicate what type of animal you are dealing with. Unfortunately evicting unwanted wildlife from your property is not an easy process, and inevitably requires professional help.  We are here to help, but first we need your assistance in identifying what kind of animal has moved in.

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Urban wildlife issues in Toronto are not uncommon, and unwanted animal occupants can break in all year round.  Although there are all sorts of creatures that can enter and cause damage to homes, the most common culprits are squirrels and raccoons.  The first thing to think about when identifying what kind of animal has broken in is the type of noise you are hearing.  Squirrels like mice and rats are rodents, and as such they don’t have much in way of body mass.  As such, squirrels will typically make skittering, scratching or squeaking noises.  Raccoons on the other hand are much larger and slower, and although they can make noises similar to squirrels their body weight will distinguish them.  Thumbing, rustling and other loud noises are a clear indication of raccoon activity.

Another method of verifying what type of animal is in your home is the time of day you hear the activity.  Squirrels remain active throughout the day, but they are most active in the early morning and early evening.  Scurrying noises around these times of the day will make it very obvious that you our suffering from squirrel activity.  Raccoons on the other hand are primarily nocturnal animals, so if you are being disturbed by loud noises in the middle of the night chances are they are the pest that have been bothering you.

Regardless of which animal is bothering you make sure to get professional assistance and get it quickly when the signs are present.  These animals can cause major physical harm to property, be it through physical damage or simply the animals using your attic as a bathroom.  The animals also pose health risks both through the transmission of parasites and disease through physical contact with them or their feces.   They are also protected wildlife and are defensive creatures by nature when cornered, so make sure to call the professionals the next time you are being kept up at night by unwanted animal guests. Get a professional to remove the animals. Call: 647-557-7932