Is Dried Raccoon Poop Dangerous?

Is Dried Raccoon Poop Dangerous?

Raccoon poop is very dangerous, even when dried. In fact, it may be even more dangerous. Raccoon Round Worm. Symptoms can include respiratory problems, nausea and a loss of balance! So, stay away from that poop unless you have a respirator and lab-quality goggles. The big danger here is when the poop dries out the roundworm eggs are released and become airborne.

When the poop is dry it is definitely slightly safer to handle but not completely safe. If you want to handle this you will need to do it in steps.

Do an inspection of your house, especially in the attic. Look for signs of feces and latrines. The surfaces the poop are on are now infected and dangerous. So you will need to get all that poop and damaged insulation into garbage bags and then you will need to get rid of those bags of poop. Call our professional raccoon poop removal and disinfection services for fast feces removal.

When cleaning indoor latrines try not to stir up any of the material. The roundworm spores are airborne and will definitely infect you with roundworms if you breath it in. Use a strong shovel or scoop, you don’t want one that will bend or contrort and drop the dangerous and hazardus materials. You should double bag the poop and tie it tight, then store it in garbage bin preferably with locks on them.

Once the poop is gone you will need to disinfect the area. You can use chemicals if you like but they may harm the house or even be dangerous for you. A good option for out door latrines is to poor boiling water all over it.

For indoor latrines you may have to use a grocery store cleaner as fire and boiling water shouldnt be used in a home for sterilization.

Or you can hire a professional cleaner like Raccoon Removal Markham To handel your cleaning needs, we have the latest tools to ensure your poop issue is made a thing of the past.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon Removal today.