Raccoon Damage to Homes

Raccoons Defecating in My Attic – What to Do?

Raccoon feces in the attic is very, very bad. It seeps into your insulation and drips down your walls and through your ceiling. Cleaning it, if its a lot, can be a massive job that could include replacing insulation and even pulling out the drywall. But you have to handle raccoon poop removal quick, raccoon poop can cause:

When a raccoon gets into your attic the first thing they do is start using it as a latrine. If they don’t do that then they will just spread their poop everywhere and infect the whole ceiling. When they urinate on the poop it makes the situation a whole lot worse. Infectious diseases in the poop will drip down walls and make everyone in your house very ill, stimulate allergies and even cause asthma.

You will probably notice that raccoon poop looks like miniature dog poop with more… colour. Cylindrical, brown and often with berries in the poop. They seem prone to eat these berries that won’t digest, so you will see it a lot in raccoon poop.

Now if you want to clean it yourself you absolutely can, I mentioned you will need a ventilator and full covering clothing and a ton of garbage bags. But if you want the work done right you need to higher the professionals. Try Raccoon Control, we have safe and eco-friendly cleaners that won’t harm your family but will completely sterilize the entire area and deodorize the are as well. We can even replace your attic insulation with fire-retardant cellulose.

We will do a full sweep, find every infected area and clean it vigorously with a wide array of special tools. Don’t try to do it on your own!

The choice is clear, call Raccoon removal Toronto today.