Raccoon Invasion In Toronto Getting Worse

With the pandemic causing all people in major cities to hide inside the wildlife of the cities has found it safe to come out and play. Animals like raccoons have become a pest like no other and are infesting Toronto like its the COVID virus. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Toronto  to solve your raccoon problem!

While raccoons do not carry COVID 19, they are riddled with disease and not just rabies. They carry illnesses like giardia and roundworm which both can be life-threatening. Roundworm can leave you with symptoms like Alzheimers and giardia is deadly. So if you are seeing raccoons on your property or hearing them in your home you need to act fast before those raccoons cause you or your family or your pets to get sick and possibly even die. 

There is a lot you can do on your own property to prevent raccoons from coming to your property for food and water. Having a pool or a pond is a big issue and they definitely need to be covered at night. But that is not all, if you have a pond with fish then you are almost guaranteed to attract raccoons as that is one of their favorite foods, especially coy fish. You must also make sure that your property has no leftover food on it, if you eat outside a lot make sure to take everything inside, especially anything that falls on the ground. Also make sure to store your garbage in a secure and sealed, locked garbage can in your garage and make sure the door closes to the ground or the raccoons will infest your garage trying to open the garbage. 

If you have them in your home then you should call Raccoon Control for professional technicians who are highly trained in removing raccoons from your home. They will use a safe and humane method called the one-way door that allows the animal to leave your home but prevents it from getting back in.