Why You Need Professional Disinfection Services for Raccoon Poop Removal

Raccoons Defecating on My Deck – What to Do?

Raccoon feces is dangerous as hell. If it’s on your deck you either need to clean it yourself or call a professional. The risk of infection from a vast array of illnesses is very high so if you want to clean it yourself you will need a respirator, long sleeve full covering clothing, goggles and sturdy gloves. Also, a sturdy shovel and a TON of garbage bags will be needed. Make sure to double bag it, tie it and store it in garbage cans or raccoons will show up and rip it open.

If you want to stop the raccoon you can try some basic home remedies.

Try moving around your deck furniture, cover the spot with a planter or table, something to block the raccoon’s ability to use their latrine. Raccoons will always go back to the same spot to go to the bathroom, sometimes, they may also just poop all over the place but who really knows.

If that doesn’t work you can try taping a piece of garbage bag plastic over the latrine area. Raccoon paws are quite sensitive and the sensation of plastic feels terrible on their little paws. Leave it for a couple of weeks and see if the raccoon comes back, more than likely, it won’t.

You can also try a motion-activated sprinkler to soak out the raccoon, they don’t like getting wet it seems.

But once all of this is done you still need to clean the poop. It’s very important to use all of the proper equipment like a respirator or you could end up with roundworm or even something worse.

But if you can’t handle the clean up you can call a professional raccoon removal Markham, we have everything we need to resolve your poop situation and leave it sterile and odourless.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon Control today.