Raccoons Getting More Agressive. 

Raccoons are defensive and territorial. They can have many reasons to be so. They protect their homes, their food and their children with a vengeance. They don’t need to act weird to be aggressive. They are an aggressive species who is more than happy to attack a human at any time because they don’t fear us. We feed them and think they are cute. Most people are stupid enough to pet them and get fleas or ticks. These animals are riddled with diseases and parasites. They can actually kill you with a bite or a scratch. Their feces and urine can be fatal. This is how dangerous they are. But yes. They have been getting more aggressive then usual. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Markham to solve your raccoon problem!

Recently there has been a large expansion of raccoons in the united states. One individual claims raccoons would not respond to yelling or screaming and aggressive movement. They even became more aggressive and came to the door, clawing at it to get in. Like they knew they would not get hurt no matter what they did. This is what is happening to the raccoon population with wildlife protection. They have become fearless. They know that no matter what they do humans will not harm them and in fact, may even feed them and pet them. A good chance to bite them and transfer rabies. 

So if you have raccoons in your home or on your property you will want to take immediate steps to get rid of them. Don’t leave left overs outside and clean your property of detritus. Make sure your garbage is stored away very well in a lcked and sealed container in your garage and don’t feed your pets outside because they drop food out of their mouth and can attract wildlife. And to get rid of animals in your home try calling the professionals at Raccoon Control. We can attach a one way door which allows the raccoon to leave the home but prevents them from returning.