Raccoons In Attic Health Risk

Raccoons are a very frustrating and dangerous infestation. They can break into your home with relative ease, especially if it is old and damaged and can wreak havoc on the inside. One of the largest dangers in having a raccoon in your home is the health risks. Raccoons are filled with viruses, bacteria and even parasites and they are the vector species for rabies in America which means many raccoons are carriers of the rabies virus. This can seriously endanger your family if a rabies-infected raccoon were to get into your attic before displaying symptoms and then develop them over its stay in your home. It would be capable of anything from coming out of the attic and into your home and attacking one of your children, or attacking you! If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Markham to solve your raccoon problem!

Raccoon feces are also dangerous and can cause illnesses like giardia and roundworm. Roundworm is a parasite most active when raccoon poop dries and can be caught through inhalations from the airborn spores. They will infect your body with roundworm which can travel to the brain and cause serious brain damage. In a big enough raccoon infestation you could be dealing with a family pooping and urinating in your roof and that material will leak through your walls and ceiling and infect your family and your pets with these horrible and dangerous illnesses. So what is there to do if you have a raccoon in your home? You need to get it out.

Call Raccoon Control and get that animal out of your home in as little as a few days, safely, humanely and quickly. Our technicians are highly trained and educated in handling wildlife and can set up a one-way door that will get that raccoon out fast and stop it from getting back in. Call us now for a free quote.