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Raccoon Removal Methods – Ideas for Raccoon Removal

Just like most of the wild animals, raccoons are very adorable and good looking creatures. A photo of a raccoon taken in the wild is very lovely. However, they are a big nuisance especially when they invade your home or garden.

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In such a situation, they become very destructive, causing severe damage to your home, spreading garbage and litter around the house, taking pet foods from the kitchen, making a ruckus with household pets and they could also be transmitting rabies to your household. 

Raccoons are some of the most versatile and adaptable pests in most households. You can find them in the middle of cities due to their great abilities to adapt at dumpster diving. These animals also invade the attic, the chimneys and inside the house walls.

If raccoons have invaded your home and they are causing you sleepless nights, then you need to find the appropriate method to get rid of them without provoking animal rights activists. So, the main question is how you can get rid of raccoons humanely and more efficiently?

1. Installing traps

One of the most common methods of raccoon removal methods is by trapping and relocating them. However, it is important to know that trapping and relocating wild animals is illegal in most jurisdictions unless you have a permit from the relevant authorities.

If you decide to use this method, then you need to make sure that you find the right trap for the job. And since Raccoons eat just about anything, you will not have difficulties choosing the most suitable bait for trapping.

If raccoons have invaded the chimney or the attic, then you will need to take caution while trapping them, especially during spring. There is a probability that there are baby raccoons in the attic or the chimney. If you trap the mother, you are most likely to cause more damage and noise from the babies. You will also be left to deal with the decomposing smell as they eventually will die due to starvation. You, therefore, need to hire a professional who will help in relocating the entire raccoon family.

2. High-intensity strobe light

This is a new technique that is increasingly being used where trapping is not feasible. This method produces excellent results especially when raccoons invade the attic and the chimneys. Raccoons are very sensitive to light, and they cannot tolerate dazzling light.

The high-intensity strobe light will make the mother raccoon move their offspring from your home within a day or two. This ensures that you are not left to deal with the smell of decomposing babies as it is the case in the trapping method.

3. Chemical repellents

Some people have been using chemical repellents to get rid of raccoons from their homes. However, this approach has proved ineffective over time. As highlighted earlier, raccoons are very versatile animals, and they can adapt to a wide range of environments.

4. Motion sensor sprayers

Motion sensor sprayers can be installed in gardens to keep off raccoons from your yard. With some persistence, raccoons will eventually vacate from your home and move to more friendly territories.

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