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Raccoon Behaviour in Residential Areas

Raccoons are round, fuzzy, medium-sized mammals with bushy tails, dexterous front paws and a mask of black fur that covers their eye area. They are highly intelligent and curious creatures previously found mainly in North American forests. As civilization grew and man built cities and reclaimed land, some of these creatures’ habitats were disrupted and they were forced to move to urban residential areas. Today, it is not uncommon to see a family of raccoons sauntering across your front yard in the afternoon. From the raccoon’s perspective, humans make excellent neighbours. 

Easily Available Food

Although raccoons will eat just about anything (they are omnivores) their preferences lie in peanuts, bread, fruits, sweets, cat and dog food i.e food found in abundance in residential homes. These clever critters will take any opportunity to get this food. By using their sharp intelligence and through endless hours of observing humans they have learnt to use their dexterous paws to turn handles, open jars and unlock cabinets and latches night after night. They are also notorious for rummaging through trash where they create huge messes looking for food. This makes them a huge nuisance.

Warm shelters

In the past, raccoons thrived in sparsely forested areas with access to abundant vegetation and water. They avoid completely open terrain as they prefer to stay on land with vertical structures they can scale whenever they feel threatened. This environment is similar to that found in many residential homes. They have a coy reputation of making their homes in attics, barns, sheds or unused chimneys. These areas are warm and free from prying eyes and predators.

Highly mischievous

There’s a reason why raccoons are not domesticated. They are highly mischievous! They may look cute and act precocious but they can not be pets. At least not yet anyway.They are so mischievous they have been described as “clever beasts” due to their highly unpredictable nature. It’s hard for a raccoon to sit still especially in a residential area. If it’s not asleep chances are it is raiding bins, pillaging vegetable gardens and creating messes sometimes just for “fun”.

It’s possible to completely keep raccoons off your property. Raccoons are not only a menace but they are also potential carriers of dangerous diseases such as rabies. One highly effective method is to use raccoon repellent i.e a solution with a scent similar to that of a predator’s urine. Another great option is to “starve” them by tightening trash lids, removing pet food out at night and cleaning all spilled food. You can also set traps to capture this crafty critter but only in a method that does not result into injury. Killing raccoons is allowed under very limited circumstances in Canada and the United States.

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