What Are Good Ways to Stop a Raccoon from Returning Nightly?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals. They choose to scavenge at night since this is ordinarily a time of day when they won’t be bothered or disturbed. Attempting to overturn garbage bins and forage through yards and porches is not good practice for the animals during the day; therefore, you will almost always wake up to raccoon disruption in the morning hours. To resolve this issue, you will need to contact a raccoon removal service in Toronto. It can be frustrating to try and stop raccoons from foraging through your property because this almost always occurs during the dead of night. The most obvious defense you may think of is staying up to potentially ambush the animals with a broom or other object; this is a mistake and raccoons can be dangerous when they are threatened. Removal of the animals by a professional is the surest way to stop the animals completely, yet there are some measures you can take to keep them away in the first place.


Raccoons are attracted to a home because of food, water, and sometimes scouting for potential nesting areas. A human home is a dream come true for raccoons as this eliminates a great deal of work the animals have to do to survive in the wild. With industrialization and expansion continuing year-by-year in Canadian provinces, the more the animals will move out of the wild and seek to invade the living spaces of humans. It will require a commitment to stripping comforts away from the animals to prevent them from invading residential properties. Never leave pet food and water out overnight in the yard. This gives easy access to the raccoons and they will return night after night to partake in this easy meal. Garbage bins are the most popular items for raccoons. Inside is a veritable feast that appeals to the scavenging senses of the animals.


Keeping trash bins strapped and locked prevents the animals from being able to rummage through the trash and leave behind a smelly mess for you to clean. Additionally, it can sometimes be beneficial to leave a radio on the porch which can deter the animals from attempting to come onto the porch or even venture out into the yard. Raccoons do not like to be disturbed or threatened and they know human voices quite well. Never attempt to plant traps or harm the animals as this can potentially cause problems with local regulations, not to mention this can potentially be dangerous due to the aggressive nature of raccoons.


By keeping all of the food and water sources away from the animals, there are instances where the animals will simply move on once they realize that there is nothing available to them. If the animals continue to persist, a wildlife removal specialist can ensure that all of the raccoons are safely removed from your yard, which will make efforts to deter future raccoons a bit easier. By not feeding the animals, you are ensuring that the raccoons will move on from your property.