What Size Hole Can a Raccoon Fit Through?

What Size Hole Can a Raccoon Fit Through?

Some people consider them pests, while others think of them as cute, tiny bears. But despite having a dual-reputation, there’s one thing that people can agree on: raccoons are a unique species.

Donning their famed mask and unique, grippy hands, raccoons are an icon that every Canadian homeowner is familiar with. The problem comes when raccoons pose a risk to the security of your house and you need professional help to remove them. Call us today for expert raccoon removal services in Toronto.

While they may seem cute, once you encounter a racoon infestation, that image will be long-gone. Raccoon infestations are no joke, and even Toronto residents are tired of seeing these little guys— in a Toronto citywide poll in 2014, half of the residents even wanted raccoons euthanized to lessen the population.

Dr. Sam Zebeloff, a Zoologist professor, even says that there are over 100 times as many raccoons in the United States and Canada than there were 200 years ago.

With the increasing amount of raccoons, it’s important to gain knowledge to prevent them from causing a nightmare in your life. Read on to find out the types of raccoons to look out for and what size hole they can fit to enter your house.

What Types of Raccoons Are in Canada?

There are seven types of raccoons that exist in various locations from Alaska to Argentina. However, the only species of raccoon that is commonly encountered in Canada is the common raccoon, or Procyon lotor.

Also known as the North American raccoon, this species of raccoon is found in every province except Newfoundland and Labrador. These little guys are commonly found all over Canada, and many Toronto residents see them on a daily basis.

Since they’re so common, it’s important to secure your house and fix any holes to prevent them from getting in.

What Size Hole Can a Raccoon Fit Through?

The general rule of thumb is that if a raccoon’s head can fit through a hole, then the rest of their body can fit through as well.

And raccoons are quite deceptive in their appearance. But the truth is that they are mostly fluff. They can easily fit in holes much smaller than their bodies suggest. Because of this, many people will be surprised that raccoons can fit in holes as small as 4 inches wide, or about the size of a softball.

In addition to being very fluffy, raccoons have a rather cylindrical body and can fit through narrow spaces. They are also expert navigators and can maneuver their way through even the most jagged and uneven spaces.

Even if raccoons can’t fit through tiny holes, they still have sharp claws. That means they will tear and chip away at tinier holes until they can fit through them. In reality, holes of any size on your house are at risk for a raccoon infestation, which will be a major problem if it happens.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Animal Removal Service?

Professional raccoon removal services in Toronto can help you prevent and fix any raccoon problems you already may have.

Professional services include removing raccoons from your attic, fixing up any holes you may have, humane treatment for capturing raccoons, and implementing preventative measures to stop raccoons from invading your home.

If you think one of these cute guys is harmless, think again. Calling a professional is the best way to deal with these guys and to make sure your home is secure in the future.