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Where Do Raccoons Live During the Day?

Raccoons are highly adaptable creatures, meaning they can teach themselves to survive in different environments. It is not uncommon to find raccoons from wooded areas and rural developments to the busy populated streets of an urban area. Of course, if you are out and about during the day, it is unlikely that you would even notice them living among you. Raccoons prefer to go out at night, but why and where do they hide during the day?

Daytime Living

Raccoons prefer to live in dens found in wooded areas, particularly near a body of water so they can stay hydrated. Unfortunately, humans often destroy wooded areas in place of fancy new homes and businesses, which then forces raccoons to adapt to a new environment. That is not to say that raccoons hate the new environment.

In fact, living among humans offers them plenty to eat and drink thanks to small pools, fountains, and garbage left outside in unsecured trash bags or bins. They will emerge at night to forage for food and water because they are less likely to face threats under the cover of night.

During the day, however, a raccoon will hide in a den or burrow. In rural and urban areas, it is a bit harder for raccoons to build a natural den. Instead, they must use their surroundings to adjust. Fortunately, humans often leave enough material around for raccoons to make themselves a comfortable den, such as brush piled in the backyard.

In an urban area where brush piles are not as common, a raccoon may create a den in your attic, under decks and porches, underneath any other structure that proves safe for hiding. Interestingly enough, a raccoon will create several dens. It will move back and forth between each one so that it can stay close to different resources for food and water.

If You See A Raccoon

If you happen to see a raccoon out and about, whether during the day or at night, make sure you do not touch it. In fact, you should not go near it at all. A raccoon will attack if it feels threatened, which puts you at risk. Also, raccoons carry diseases that prove harmful to human health.

It is best to keep your distance and contact a professional raccoon removal specialist if you find one on your property or even near it. Otherwise, just sidestep around the raccoon and it will eventually it will move on without prompting. Finding one on or near your property, or even inside your home, such as the attic, will require the attention of a pest company.