How to Tell if a Raccoon Has Rabies

How Dangerous Are Raccoons?

Raccoon attacks on humans are fairly uncommon but this doesn’t take away from the fact that these animals are indeed dangerous and you need to call raccoon removal services when raccoon invade your property. Threats posed by raccoons extend far beyond getting mauled by the animal. Keep in mind that wild animals are unpredictable by nature so it is never a good idea to capture, corner, trap, feed, or otherwise interact with a raccoon if you can help it.

Why Raccoons Are Dangerous

The most obvious danger is a raccoon attacking humans. These animals avoid humans as much as possible and are more likely to flee than attack if a human approaches. The animal will however not hesitate to attack if it feels cornered or threatened. New mothers are also very protective of their babies and can attack with little provocation. There is also the risk of getting bitten or scratched when feeding raccoons by hand.

Raccoon attacks on pets are more common. Coons love pet food and a fight over the precious resource can ignite at any time. Pets also tend to be territorial and may attempt to chase the raccoon from the vicinity. Raccoons typically run away from pets but can turn vicious if cornered. They have strong teeth and sharp claws and can maul a cat or small dog to death easily.

These critters are also omnivorous so there is little they won’t eat. This is a concern if you have chickens in your yard. Raccoons love eggs and are more than happy to eat chicken if the meal is available. They have nimble and dexterous paws that they can use to unlock a chicken coop if you have simple locks or latches.

Rabies is an ever present danger where raccoons are concerned since these critters are primary carriers of the disease. Rabies can be transmitted through a bite or scratch from an infected animal. Although less than half of raccoons carry rabies, the number is still high enough to encourage you to lean on the side of caution when dealing with these animals.

Wildlife can wreck havoc on your yard and property and coons are no exception. These animals will steal vegetables, break bird feeders, destroy flower beds, rip garbage cans and trash bags, defecate in the pool and wreck havoc on your beautiful yard. They will also rip insulation, destroy support beams, chew on wires and pipes and tear apart ducts.

Finally, raccoon feces and urine carry a variety of diseases including leptospirosis, salmonella and raccoon roundworm.

Hire a Raccoon Removal Company to Get Rid of Raccoons

Hire a raccoon removal company in Ontario if you have raccoons in your home or yard. The dangers or interacting with raccoons are clear so it best to let an expert handle the problem for you. The service also includes cleaning and disinfecting after the animals and sealing your home to keep the wildlife out in future. Hire a company that offers a warranty of at least two years for the removal service.