Why are Raccoons so Destructive

Why are Raccoons so Destructive

The raccoon probably doesn’t know its destructive. It simply believes that whatever space it chooses for its nest belongs to it. They set up a latrine, a place they defecate repeatedly on, say goodbye to your ceiling. And a place they can mate and make more shitting machines. They love ripping up insulation to make their nest warmer and chewing on anything in sight, like wires, or wood or plastic that is why you need to call a professional raccoon removal Toronto company.

This is all because raccoons are naturally curious. When they see an object they have never seen before they tend to want to play with it. This may include tearing vents off your house or ripping wires out of the wall.

If this doesn’t worry you, there’s more. Raccoons don’t care about the safety of your home. They will happily fill your walls and attic with poop that can endanger the safety of your whole family. Trying to remove raccoon poop on your own could easily lead to serious health problems, as you’ve seen above. That’s why its best to leave it to the professionals. Raccoon Control has your back!

We can find how they got in, get the babies out, seal up the entrances and clean up the mess. We can even put down new insulation in your attic after we sterilize the place.

So, don’t take any chances, this is not a “do-it-yourself” job. What you need are the finest technicians, trained in every aspect of the dangers of raccoons, their lifestyle and their habits. With skill and grace, we will rid you of this dangerous and disgusting intruder, clean and sterilize whatever it leaves behind and ensure that its little bandit face never bothers you again!

With 3- or 6-month warranties on all our work, why wait, call us today!