Why you shouldn't trap Raccoons Or Reasons not to trap Raccoons

Why you shouldn’t trap Raccoons Or Reasons not to trap Raccoons

Sometimes, the only way to humanely remove animals from places where they are not wanted is to trap them using live traps. Raccoons are an excellent example of this. They are well know for their strength, flexibility and climbing skills, making it possible for them to access parts of your property you would never expect an animal to get to, like your roof vents, soffits, chimneys and crawl spaces. However, animals like Raccoons should only be trapped if there is no other option, as the process does pose some risk to the animal. To properly and safely remove raccoons a special raccoon removal service in Toronto is needed.

Even once an animal is removed from your home or property, its scent and entry point have been left behind, providing a perfect map for the next critter, such as another Raccoon, to follow. Also, if a Raccoons young are present, taking their mother away by trapping her before they have reached maturity makes it very likely that they won’t survive until next season. Most importantly, being trapped and moved from an area they are familiar with may put Raccoons in a situation where they will not be able to find food, water or shelter. This is especially dangerous for the animal in the winter months, when cold temperatures make it very important for animals to have places to sleep through freezing temperatures. The answer to all of this? Animal-proof exclusion methods and a one-way-door over the animal’s entry point are the best way to get them out humanely and keep them out.

There are many important reasons not to trap Raccoons. A one-way door allows animals like Raccoons to exit through their entry point into your garage, attic or any other place on your property without being able to re-enter. If the animal’s babies are present, our technicians will remove them safely and allow their mother to regroup with them after she has exited through the one-way door. They will ensure that all vulnerable areas are completely wildlife-proofed so that the issue never arises again. Raccoon Control is here to help!