2020 Raccoon Baby Season

2020 Raccoon Baby Season

Raccoon baby season in Ontario has started and it looks it started quite earlier than usual. In 2020, the season arrived in early March probably due to the mild winter. Last year the season started earlier as well (late March). We are seeing the tendency of the bay season starting earlier every year now and as a homeowner, you need to get your house ready for the baby season before it starts. Call our professional raccoon removal Toronto services now for a free quote. During the baby season raccoons search for nesting places where they can provide their young with a secure and protected environment to grow. You need to know that garages and attics are among raccoon favourite places to start a family.

Raccoons are very smart and can exploit any structural weaknesses of your property like soffits, vents and chimneys. Once raccoons find an opening in your soffit or a weak point in any other roofline elements they will bake in and build a nest and before you know it there is a raccoon family leaving in your attic. We recommend inspecting your property on any possible entry points that can be used by raccoons. You can also call us for a professional property inspection, we will provide you with a detailed quote and address all issues your property might have. Remember that wild animals are protected and regulations in Ontario are quite strict. Improper handling of baby raccoons and their parents could result in a fine of up to $5,000 in 2020. Also, if you noticed a female raccoon and babies in your attic we are strongly recommending avoiding any confrontation with the animals. Mother raccoons can be very aggressive while protecting offspring and can attack you, your family members and your pets. If you noticed baby raccoons in your attic please call us immediately for humane and save raccoons removal services.

baby raccoons

Our technicians equipped with the best tools and have decades of experience in baby raccoon removal. We use thermal imaging to locate raccoon nests and raccoon babies in attics, walls and crawl spaces. The tools we use are very sensitive and accurate and can be used to see through the ceiling to find the nest and possible location of the entry point as well. Access to the latest technologies allows our technicians to perform removal jobs with the lowest recall rate in the industry. We only use humane and safe methods when dealing with wildlife. By placing a one-way door we allow the mother raccoon to leave the property while our technician removes babies by hand and placing them in a box for the mother to pick them up later. Please we advised that we do not remove and don’t recommend removing very young raccoon babies. We always make sure that the babies are mature enough for the removal process when we conduct the inspection of your property.

raccoon nest - thermal image.

Feel free to call us for the inspection or for raccoon baby removal services our services are available seven days of the week and we have many crews working in Toronto and the GTA. Call us at 647-557-7932 and we can help you this 2020 baby raccoon season.