Baby Raccoons Behind Tile Wall

Baby Raccoons Behind Tile Wall

We see a lot during baby raccoon season and normally nothing can surprise us. However today we faced an unusual situation, a female raccoon got access to the client attic via soffit but for some reason, she decided to build a nest inside the wall instead of the attic. I this situation it is almost impossible to locate a nest since it can be anywhere from top floor walls till the interior basement walls and many companies will declare defeat but not us. Our technicians are equipped with thermal cameras that are sensitive enough to detect the heat signature of the raccoon nests even through thick walls. Our technician was able to locate the nest in the tile wall by the shower. Call us today for professional raccoon removal Toronto services. 

baby raccon nest in tile wall

He was able to create an opening in the tile wall by cutting out one tile and removing baby raccoons by hand. Baby raccoons looked healthy and were placed in a box near a one-way door so the mother can pick them up and relocate. The tile wall was patched with a piece of metal flashing as a temporary solution to avoid mother raccoon getting inside the house. Baby removal can drive up the cost of the service.

tile wall patch

We were able to resolve the issue with newborn raccoons and ensure that no further damage to the structure can occur. The client was happy and hired us to complete the exclusion and wildlife proofing of their home. if you noticed any suspicious noises in your tile walls during baby raccoon season (March – June) please give us a call because you might have a raccoon family leaving there. We offer professional baby raccoon removal services in the GTA and work fast, safe and clean. Call us at 647-557-7932.