How Can I Identify If I Have Raccoons In My Garden Or Home

How Can I Identify If I Have Raccoons In My Garden Or Home

Although most homeowners associate raccoons with a rural environment, the fact is that they’re creatures of opportunity who frequently show up in suburban and even urban neighborhoods. As long as there is an
available food source, your chances of encountering a raccoon on your property are fairly good. Because raccoons are mainly nocturnal, however, you may not be aware if you’ve got them living close by unless you’re
familiar with the telltale signs that a raccoon habitat may be near. Following are several ways that you can tell that raccoons may be invading your outdoor living area.

Raccoon Tracks Are Easy to Identify

As members of the bear family, raccoons have a distinctive footprint that highly resembles that of a human hand. If you notice these in or around your garden in the morning along with significant damage to your vegetables and herb plants, the culprits may well be raccoons. If you can’t find a clear footprint in a muddy area, sprinkling the surface with flour will cause the prints to show up more clearly. Raccoons will eat just
about anything, so checking your garden every morning for signs that the fruits of your labor are being eaten at night is a great way to alert yourself to a potential raccoon infestation.

Tipped Over Trash Cans

As scavengers, raccoons are naturally drawn to trash cans, so if you notice that your trash cans have been tipped over during the night, you may have received a visit from a raccoon. Because raccoons are extremely
dexterous animals, they can often open even tightly closed trash cans. Storing them in an area such as a garage or closed-in porch where raccoons can’t access them will circumvent unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately, many homeowners find the ring-tailed eyes and the bushy tails of raccoons difficult to resists, and consequently, they provide them will snacks. This is not recommended, however; it only acclimates the animal to the presence of humans and makes them associate human habitation with food on an even stronger level. Also, they are wild animals that cannot be made into pets, and trying to do so can be dangerous. Call your local Scarborough raccoon removal company to get a professional help with a raccoon control.