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Professional raccoon removal solutions. We remove raccoons from attics, decks, roofs, and more. Commercial and Residential Solutions. Guaranteed Removal.

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Raccoon Removal Scarborough

Humane removal of nuisance raccoons. We remove raccoons from attics, decks and more. Once animals are out we seal all entry points.

Our technicians offer humane raccoon removal and professional proofing solutions. With many years of experience, our technicians offer wildlife solutions that are safe to raccoons and at the same time effective. Call now if you are experiencing raccoon problems. Speak to an experienced wildlife technician about your problem and find out how we can help you. If the problem requires professional attention our technician will visit your location to inspect the premises and provide recommendations. Call us now to schedule an inspection: 647-557-7932

Guaranteed Service

Warranty 2 years

All our raccoon exclusion work is covered by a 2-year warranty. If a raccoon get back in through our work within two years we return at no additional charge.

Disinfection Services

We are ready to serve for your safety. Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Our Disinfection Services Include:

  • Botanical Hospital Grade Disinfectants
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Ultra-low Volume Mist Fogging
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Pigeon Feces Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection
Wildlife removal with thermal imaging
Thermal Image of Raccoon in Attic

Raccoon Inspection with
Thermal Cameras

The skilled technicians at Raccoon Control employ state-of-the-art tools to do their work as efficiently as possible. Thermal imaging permits the technician to see objects that are not possible to detect with the naked eye. With the help of the thermal imaging camera, the technician is able to determine the location of the raccoon(s) with little difficulty through the detection of infrared radiation that these animals release. Through this, we can find the most well-hidden raccoons behind walls and ceilings which leads to a fast exclusion.



Fully licensed and insured raccoon removal Scarborough professionals. We are committed to humane raccoon removal, exclusion and trapping methods.


We are available 24/7 to deal with any raccoon problems you might have. Call us to book a full wildlife inspection. If lines are busy, just leave a quick message and we will get back to you within minutes.



Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We price the removal, and animal proofing services separately. There are no hidden fees. Our rates are straight forward. No surprises!


We have several professional crews and can accommodate same day or next day service. It is easy to book an appointment. You can call any time to book for a time and day that works for you!



Our raccoon removal services are guaranteed and are backed by a 2 year warranty. If our work gets compromised we return at no additional cost.

Raccoon Proofing

Complete Raccoon Proofing Solutions with a 2-Year Warranty. Our Wildlife Proofing Services Include the Protection of Following Areas:

  • Roof Vents
  • Soffits
  • Roof Edges
  • Ventilation Pipes
  • Chimneys
  • Wall Vents
  • Decks
  • Sheds
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Raccoon Removal Solutions

Humane and Effective Services

Raccoon Removal Scarborough. When our technician visits your home he will conduct an inspection to determine the problem and its root cause. Then he will be in a position to provide recommendations and options. When a decision has been reached on the best possible approach, work will commence. We make use of one way doors on existing holes that enable the raccoon to exit your home but not re-enter your space. We take outmost care to shield your property and deal only with existing damage caused by the raccoons. We also offer disinfecting and cleaning services that will ensure the elimination of any possibly health harming pathogens.

Raccoon trapping, Exclusion, Removal

Raccoons in Scarborough and surrounding areas can become a real nuisance. This is because these cute, mischievous critters will leave a trail of destruction if they gain access into your home. They are a fire hazard and can chew up electricals, a health risk since their feces often have parasites and can cause structural damage since they will eat up through anything to gain access into your home.

The only real means of getting rid of raccoons is by trapping, removal and exclusion repairs that will keep them off in the future. In case you notice signs of raccoons in your attic, it is essential that you contact us for wildlife removal services to look for raccoon pups and remove them by hand before removing the female raccoon.

Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Scarborough.

Raccoons in Scarborough

Raccoons are well adapted in urban settings like Scarborough. They can be found in various locations across the city.

Raccoons often make their way into attics. They can break in by pushing up a shoffit, pulling a dripedge or tearing a roof vent cover. They do so as they are looking for safety and warmth inside an attic during the late winter and spring months. As this is the time of year where raccoon mothers have their kits. In summer months you can find raccoons spending more time outside. They make their way under decks or sheds. They are primarily nocturnal and they are very capable in forcing their way into a structure.

Dealing with raccoons can be troublesome and in many cases dangerous. We remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, soffits, decks, garages and sheds. If you are dealing with an unwanted raccoon visitor in Scarborough please give us a call at 647-557-7932

Entry Point repairs

Raccoons are likely to get into your home once the weather starts to get colder.  This is because their outdoor environment might not provide the protection that they need from the weather. Due to this, your attic, garage, and shed will turn into a suitable raccoon habitat. To prevent raccoons from entering your home, you need to survey to identify their entry points and sealing them off. At this point, you will need the help of a professional Raccoon Removal expert. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in finding raccoon entry points, sealing them, and keeping raccoons out for good.

Raccoons can cause a lot of damage to your attic, shed and garage if they are not removed. Paying for these repairs and damages they cause over a long period can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, if you suspect raccoon activity in your property call or contact Raccoon Control in Scarborough, our technicians will be happy to help remove the raccoons from your property and seal off all entry points.

Entry point repairs Scarborough




raccoon removal from soffit Scarborough





Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Scarborough.

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Common signs you have raccoons

Raccoons prefer wooded areas; however, when they find themselves in urban dwellings, they will scavenge for food through garbage, trash cans, and garbage piles.  In addition to the destruction that they cause, rummaging through your dumpster, raccoons can transmit roundworms and other parasites through their droppings. In case you notice the following signs, it’s vital that you call us for Raccoon Removal service in the Scarborough area to handle your raccoon problem.

  • Strange noises in your attic
  • Stands and rub marks
  • Rummaged dumpster in the morning
  • Raccoon damage on property, garden, and structures

Raccoons are highly destructive animals, and it is not okay to let them live in your property. If let to live them in your attic they could chew up electric wires causing a potential fire hazard. Raccoons are also known to chew up roof tiles, structural beams and could potentially damage your building. Don’t attempt to trap a raccoon on your own, remember they are wild animals and could attack if they feel provoked. Some raccoons are known to have rabies.

Common Raccoon damage

Raccoons can be pretty messy. You could ask anyone who has experience cleaning up their lawn and driveway after a raccoon toppled up their garbage cans. Now imagine what they can do if they are left inside your home? When raccoons get the opportunity to climb up your attic, they are capable of a tremendous amount of damage.

At Raccoon control, we often find that the damage raccoons cause to enter your attic is just a tip of the iceberg compared to the trail of destruction they leave once they eventually gain access. It won’t take long for a family of raccoons to destroy your insulation, chew up your electricals and damage your HVAC components once they get into your attic. Worse, they will leave an unbearable odour, urine, and feces. One of the most significant dangers associated with raccoons is found in their droppings. They contain roundworms and can be spread to humans when they come in contact. To reduce your family’s risk of infection, call us today for an inspection.

raccoon damage Scarborough

Why You Need to Inspect Your Roof after Raccoon Invasion

Many raccoon removal experts would agree that once a house has shown signs of a raccoon invasion, one of the first areas that you should check for damage is the roof. Raccoons, after all, have a tendency to enter through them, usually with the intention of occupying it or your attic. This is all the more true if the raccoon is female as they commonly look for unoccupied areas, regardless of them being in urban or wild places, in order to raise their young safely and unhindered.


It’s not at all hard to surmise whether or not you have a raccoon problem from the outset. However, this doesn’t necessarily excise the fact that some homeowners only find out that they have this issue when they see a hole on their roofs. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal creatures so if you hear any type of scurrying sound on your roof come nightfall, it’s one telltale sign that they are trying to enter your home.

The same goes for parts of your roof (shingles, being the most common) that show signs of having been chewed up. Any unusual chattering or rustling sound on the attic is a warning sign as well. Most raccoons would not exercise any attempt to make their invasion as inconspicuous as possible; they would be more than willing to chew or paw their way into your home. This is why it would not at all be hard to ascertain that a raccoon is the main culprit behind your roof’s destruction if you see or detect the signs said above.


Well, the primary reason hinges on safety and damage mitigation. But, of course, what homeowner would want an damaged, unsightly roof in the first place? That being said, any significant damage (i.e. holes) to your roof would only cause it to fail to serve its general purpose so it would have to pinpointed and addressed as soon as possible. What’s worse is that any kind of damage that these creatures inflict is only ever bound to make your roof (and house, in general) more susceptible to other kinds of damage from the elements (like wind and water).

A thorough roof inspection would also ensure that all signs of raccoon infestation would be identified and solved. This way, you would be able to employ more effective means to keep them away from your property for good. Always keep in mind that regular roof maintenance is one sure way of not only keeping your roof in tip-top shape but also deterring these animals in the long run.

Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Scarborough.

Homemade Raccoon Trap - Does It Work?

Making a homemade raccoon traps are fairly easy; all you need is a sturdy wooden plank and a tall barrel or trash can.  Use a barrel with a smooth interior so the animal cant grip once trapped inside.

Place the barrel upright next to a picnic table or a flat surface taller than the opening of the barrel. Pour water into the barrel until it’s about 1/3 full but use your discretion. The idea is not to drown the coon but rather to get it wet. The water will make its fur wet and heavy and its claws slippery so it can’t climb out of the barrel.

Next, place a 2-by-4 halfway on the table or flat surface and halfway over the barrel. Ensure that one edge of the board is hanging exactly in the middle of the barrel opening. Place bait such as marshmallows or peanut butter on the edge of the plank hanging over the barrel. Do not use meat bait to avoid attracting neighborhood pets.

The raccoon should walk across the plank to reach the bait and tip over the wood and into the barrel. Again, make sure that the water is just enough to make the coon wet and not to drown it. Check the trap regularly until you have caught the animal.

Why Homemade Raccoon Trap is a Bed Idea

Most people believe that trapping raccoons is humane but this is only the case in the hands of a professional. Watching a raccoon exhaust itself to death while attempting to escape a trap is a heart wrenching event. There is also the obvious risk of drowning the raccoon, or exposing it to cold weather and predators especially if you do not inspect the trap often.

Many raccoon removal experts in Canada prefer exclusion or humane eviction and will only trap the animal if there is no other alternative. Trapping the animal also doesn’t solve the problem of how it got in your property in the first place so you can expect more in future.

Hire a professional raccoon removal company to take care of the raccoon problem. The service also includes wildlife-proofing your property so the animals don’t come back. Keep in mind that it is illegal to transport wildlife for more than a kilometer without a permit. Only a professional can remove raccoons safely and permanently.

professional raccoon trapping Scarborough

What to do with a raccoon after it's caught?

You have successfully caught a raccoon in Scarborough but have no idea what to do next. Keep in mind that raccoon is protected wildlife so killing it is not an option. You can’t transport it for more than one kilometer without a proper permit. If you release it near by, it’s going to come back especially if it has younglings under your shed or in your attic. You have few options other than to call an expert.

Wildlife protection regulations are very clear. You cannot kill or otherwise harm wildlife. The longer the coon stays in the trap; the longer it is exposed to risk of predators, dehydration, starvation and the elements. The raccoon will most definitely struggle and attempt to free itself increasing the chances of it getting injured or dying from sheer exhaustion.


Releasing the raccoon within a kilometer radius isn’t much of an option either. First, there is the chance that the animal will reach through the bars to scratch or bite especially if you don’t know how to handle the cage properly. Raccoons are vicious animals when threatened. You can contract rabies from a raccoon bite or scratch. You are also exposed to leptospirosis, giardia and roundworm from the trapped animal’s feces and urine.

It is equally a bad idea to relocate a female raccoon in spring since this is when they typically have their babies. The unattended kits are sure to die of starvation and dehydration. This is inhumane and you will have the stench of rotting corpses haunting your house. Raccoons are relentless mothers and the animal may eventually find its way back to the nest. If she finds her entrance blocked, she will cause extensive damage to the structure in a desperate attempt to get to the children.

A wildlife control expert will know what to do with the trapped raccoon. He will also inspect your property since there is a high likelihood that there are other coons living there. The expert will seal up your property to avoid the animals getting in again and clean and disinfect feces and urine to avoid the spread of diseases.

Only a professional wildlife control service in Ontario can handle your raccoon problem safely, humanely and permanently. Ask for a warranty of at least two years to guarantee the issue is taken care of permanently.

Warranty 2 years
Call a professional wildlife removal service

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Scarborough.

Raccoon Prevention Service

Raccoons are creatures of habit, once they identify your home, they will make it a regular part of their stomping grounds. Signs that you have raccoons in your property include toppled trash bins, damaged structures, and garbage scattered all over your lawn. At this point you need to consider a raccoon prevention strategy, that is, if they haven’t already gained access into your attic, garage, or shed, at which point you will need a raccoon removal service.

Preventing raccoons is pretty easy, all you need to do is identify their entry points. To an untrained person, this might be a difficult job, but for a professional wildlife removal company such as Raccoon Control, it’s an easy task. Our personnel will identify, repair and seal any raccoon entry points. They will also inspect to ensure raccoons do not enter your property permanently.

Do not attempt to trap and remove raccoons on your own. Apart from carrying parasites they are highly aggressive when provoked, and could infect humans with rabies if they bite. Get assistance from our Scarborough Raccoon Control service professionals if you notice any raccoon activity.

Attic Decontamination services

Raccoons often invade your attic looking for suitable breeding and nesting spaces during the winter. Depending on the duration, they will damage, contaminate and breed in your attic. When raccoons have been found living in your attic and removed, decontamination is an essential part of the whole process. Even though all the raccoons might have been trapped and removed, you still have one more problem, the contamination they left behind. Raccoon contamination is mostly in the form of:

  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Blood
  • Carcasses

They are breeding grounds for potential viruses and bacteria and even life-threatening diseases. This is according to the CDC. Unless these contaminants are properly removed, they have the capability of remaining in your attic forever. Many infectious diseases have the capabilities of remaining dormant for several years before they are triggered.

At Raccoon Control we have the capabilities of decontaminating your attic. With our trained personnel and eco-friendly decontamination methods, we will clean up your attic, replace and repair damaged and contaminated insulation.

Warranty 2 years


If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Scarborough.

Wildlife Removal Scarborough

Besides raccoons we remove squirrels, skunks, birds and other wildlife. While other wildlife is not as destructive as raccoons they can be a nuisance as well. We offer humane squirrel removal, skunk removal and bird control services. While we specialize in raccoon removal, our wildlife control technicians can deal with any and every wildlife control and animal removal issue. Call us today for humane wildlife removal services in Scarborough. If you encounter injured wildlife or abandoned baby wildlife we encourage you to visit the Toronto Wildlife Centre’s hotline

When you are dealing with any kind of wildlife, be it raccoons, squirrels, or skunks, the technicians at Raccoon Control are ready to help you all year round. We have helped countless families in Scarborough to remove wildlife from their properties. We use high-quality industry-grade equipment to bring the exclusion to a successful end quickly and efficiently. To achieve this we use our unique methodology which does not involve the killing or harming of any animal. We use the ‘One-Way Door’ to let the animal out of the premise definitively which also prevents the animal from coming back in. To detect and determine its location we employ a thermal camera after which we install a One-Way Door. This eliminates the total need for tearing down any wall to locate the animal. Wildlife in Scarborough is often found in attics, sheds, crawl spaces, or garages because it provides the animal with a safe space to hunker down during the cold harsh Ontarian winters. Specialized industry knowledge is required to safely handle each case with care and consideration. 

Our wildlife removal expertise is for the removal of wildlife from attics, sheds, decks and other areas where wildlife can be a nuisance. Humane removal of nuisance animals. If you need any more information on our process, feel free to contact us. 

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