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Can clean dried raccoon poop with bleach?

Dry raccoon feces is perhaps the single most dangerous thing in the wild. More dangerous than an angry alligator, because the alligator may miss when it attacks. Dry raccoon feces never misses, it strikes every time. The illness you can get from this media is called Raccoon Round Worm and when the feces are dry […]

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How to stop a raccoon from defecating on my deck

Raccoons are a menace and a pest. They carry all kinds of diseases but they also happen to be very clean animals. Raccoons will often live on one property and then move to the neighbor’s property to defecate. This can be a nightmare especially when the neighbor is rewarding the raccoons by feeding them. Raccoons […]

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raccoon nest

A raccoon is a small nocturnal rodent that is about 7 to 12-inches long weighing about 20 to 30 pounds. In the urban areas, raccoons are known to grow well over 60 pounds relying on refuse. They have masked eyes, grayish brown fur with a bushy banded tail. Raccoons have been known to flourish in human-inhabited areas. […]

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