Detecting Raccoon Nest With Thermal Cameras

Detecting Raccoon Nest With Thermal Cameras

Raccoons love to invade human homes. It’s a great source of food and water as well as safety and warmth in the winter. A raccoon with new babies is especially likely to break into your home so they can raise their babies without the threat of larger animals and other male raccoons trying to kill and eat them. Yes, that is what male raccoons do, they go around killing babies that aren’t theirs. Not great but whats why we hate them.If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Toronto to solve your raccoon problem!

So how can you keep raccoons off your property in the first place, before they invade your home? Well that is not as difficult as you would think. Even as exterminators who are paid to get rid of your animals we would rather you took the preventative measures and never had to call us at all. 

So make sure to follow these suggestions because they may prevent your home from being infested by rodents and wild animals. Food and water is why animals come to your property, safety and warmth is why they stay. So cut off their access to food and water and you will be on the road to preventing wildlife infestations. 

Make sure to store your garbage in tightly sealed and locked containers stored in your garage with a door that meets the ground. Make sure not to feed your pets outside because they can drop food all over your property and attract animals who love to eat pet food. 

Also make sure to cover your garden and perform exclusion on your home to seal any opening that a raccoon could use to get into your home. If a raccoon is on your roof, there is a good chance they have already broken in. 

Lucky for you Raccoon Control has technicians decked out with infrared optics that allow them to search for raccoon nests without having to cause any damage to your home, raccoon in the walls? No issue, hiding in the attic, give us ten minutes and we will find them. Trust us, we know how to get rid of wildlife for good.