How Do I Get Rid of Raccoons Living Near My Home

Raccoons are a frustrating invader. They are always trying to get on to people’s property to break into the home or rummage through the person’s garbage. What is there to do when raccoons are living near your home and have nested somewhere, you don’t know yet, but definitely must find out. They come out and eat the pet’s food and sample the various leftovers on the deck dining table. They will also definitely knock over that trash can and get the garbage absolutely everywhere before they try to rip your roof open and crawl inside for a long, long nap. This is the activities of the average raccoon and if you have them on your property you definitely need to get them out. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Control Toronto  to solve your raccoon problem!

There are steps you can take on your own to get rid of the infestation. Get rid of sources of water on your property like kiddy pools and leaky hoses, or that good ol’ coy pond we all love and cherish. Make sure to empty them out or cover them if they cant be emptied. Also make sure that if you eat outside to take your leftovers and dishes inside immediately after. Leaving it out attracts animals. Also make sure to protect your garbage. Keep it sealed in a locked metal container stored in your garage, if you think that is overkill then you haven’t had a raccoon destroy your garbage and lay waste to it across the lawn. You will also want to stop feeding pets outside. That is a huge cause of animal and pest infestation. 

If you need help getting a raccoon out of your attic or home then call Raccoon Control now and get a free quote and inspection of your property and the safest, most effective and most humane raccoon removal methods on the market. Don’t wait! Call Now!