Are Raccoons dangerous to your pets?

How to Clean Raccoon Urine

Raccoon urine smells terrible. And if it gets on something you love, if you cant get rid of the smell you may have to throw it away or take it to the dump. So how do you clean raccoon urine? Can you use normal household cleaners or is something stronger needed?

To sterilize the area you may just need to clean it with strong cleaners, but those are filled with dangerous chemicals. The truth is there isn’t anything strong enough at your local grocery store to deal with sanitation of this severity. What you need are professionals with commercial-grade cleaners and techniques that will actually work and ensure you and your family’s safety.

You can use boiling water to clean a deck or a latrine but you cant use it to clean your attic so for that you would need to remove the insulation and dispose of it and then scrub the interior with boiling water, don’t pour it though or you will get a leak and the wood may warp. You can try using harsh chemicals but they don’t really help, commercial cleaners used by professional raccoon feces removal are much more effective.

At Raccoon Control we have the hospital-grade, commercial cleaners you need to sterilize and deodorize your attic, and anywhere else the raccoon has been urinating. We can replace your insulation and clean up any mess left by any wild animal, and if you need it, we can also get the raccoon out of the house using a humane method called the one-way door that lets the animal out and the locks it out.

So try our raccoon removal Toronto for all your wildlife needs, you will be very happy with your choice, we back that with a 2-year guarantee.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon Control today.