How to deal with raccoon poop in your yard

How to Deal with Raccoon Poop in your Yard

Raccoons are a terrible infestation to have and can be a dangerous threat to you, your family, and your pets. The feces contain many illnesses and diseases and parasites but none are worse than the Raccoon roundworm. A child could easily find themselves tasting this dangerous material and a pet would go straight for and probably try to eat the whole pile. Either way, both individuals will get very, very sick, and will likely need to go to their respective emergency rooms. And while your child has free healthcare your dog does not. This is why you need to inspect your property regularly for signs of raccoon feces. Even one dropping is enough to cause someone to die from a fatal disease. While the parasite is very dangerous the chances of an adult catching it are low to none. The only situation to be worried about is when the feces is very dry and desiccated. At this point the spores have become air born and breathing them in would cause you to catch the roundworm. So make sure to wear a mask and long vinyl gloves to protect yourself from the raccoon feces and roundworm. 

If you are dealing with raccoons, the likelihood that they leave behind feces is very high. They can transfer diseases and viruses that can be damaging to your health. Contact a professional raccoon feces cleaning and removal service.

If the raccoon is pooping all over your lawn they likely live on a different plot, likely your neighbors. They have no regard for your lawn as it is now their toilet. They will keep making new latrines constantly and cover your lawn in a mountain of feces. They may also continue using the same spot over and over until there is a pile of poop that will be impossible to remove on your own and very expensive to remove professionally. There are many ways to get a raccoon to stop pooping on a location but that does not stop them from finding a different location. 

You can try using a hose to spray the animal but this will be difficult as they do their work at night and sleep in the day, so you may be awake for a long time before they show up and if you pass out you will definitely miss them. You can also try places plastic over the area or drenching the area in water to get the raccoon to leave the area alone. 

If this sounds too difficult then you can call Raccoon Control. Our technicians are licensed and fully prepared to deal with any amount of feces, no matter how much or where it is, we can remove it, sterilize the area and deodorize the area.