Do raccoons poop in the same spot?

Do raccoons poop in the same spot?

Raccoons sometimes poop in the same spot, but the idea that they constantly adhere to the notion of a latrine, or that they always try to defecate away from the nest is a wives tale. Raccoons are clean, for wild animals. They are still filthy and covered in their own feces and urine. They are the vector species for rabies and their feces can cause a deadly parasite to enter your brain and cause mental illness and death if not treated right away.

If you are dealing with raccoons, the likelihood that they leave behind feces is very high. They can transfer diseases and viruses that can be damaging to your health. Contact a professional raccoon feces cleaning and removal service.

This is clearly a serious issue and having any raccoon feces on your property is a danger to you, your family, and your pets. Now raccoons poop in different ways depending on their arrangements. A raccoon living in an attic may simply poop all over the attic, or if they are living under a deck they may poop in the corner of the yard. If they live on properties that are very close to their neighbor they will often use one property as a latrine and the other property as a home. This is rather rare, that a raccoon focuses on one place alone. Generally, they will poop a few times in an area and then move on to a new latrine. This will end up covering your yard on a nightly basis with what could be multiple raccoons defecating in your yard. For this reason, it is important to find out if your neighbor has a raccoon issue and if he would be willing to split the cost. If not then you may have to go as far as trapping the raccoons to get them to stop. 

If this is the case you can call Raccoon Control. Our technicians can safely remove any feces on any surface including grass and mud. We can sterilize the area with hospital-grade botanical sterilizers and then deodorize the area. This will often scare a raccoon, with the deodorizer acting as an alien smell on their latrine. Doing a large clean up all at once may have the effect of keeping the raccoons off your property permanently. Or at least till new ones show up and start the process over again. 

If you want to try your hand at then get ready for a lot of work and a lot of experience. When you are finished cleaning, all the tools you use, the shoes you wore, and the clothing and protective gear you worse must be thrown away or burned. None of it can be cleaned or kept. You will need a shovel, a broom, and dustpan or a vacuum depending on the situation. Outdoor latrine cleaning on the soil is the worst and requires you to dig up multiple feet of soil and dispose of it.