Can clean dried raccoon poop with bleach?

Can you clean dried raccoon poop with bleach?

Dry raccoon feces is perhaps the single most dangerous thing in the wild. More dangerous than an angry alligator, because the alligator may miss when it attacks. Dry raccoon feces never misses, it strikes every time. The illness you can get from this media is called Raccoon Round Worm and when the feces are dry the roundworm eggs, or spores, become airborne. They can be inhaled and are very likely to grow into a roundworm which will travel through blood vessels to the brain and cause memory loss and strange behavior as well as permanent brain damage. You cannot clean raccoon feces on your own, even with pure bleach, even with sulfuric acid. The roundworm is in the air and no amount of liquid will stop it from entering your lungs. If you want to clean raccoon feces you will need a proper respirator that provides you oxygen from a tank. You will need full coverage, thick, work clothes, and latex gloves under gardening gloves. All the tools and clothing you use, everything you are wearing will have to be disposed of immediately after cleaning the feces. This is a huge expense and nothing can be rented, all tools must be bought and then destroyed in a fire. They cannot be cleaned.

If you are dealing with raccoons, the likelihood that they leave behind feces is very high. They can transfer diseases and viruses that can be damaging to your health. Contact a professional raccoon feces cleaning and removal service. 

If you have a raccoon on your property that continues to use it as a latrine you can try trapping it, traps are extremely complicated, as they have to be safe and humane as killing wildlife, which a raccoon is, is illegal in Canada and some of the US. Raccoons are protected wildlife like squirrels and skunks but you can kill, in any way you want, insects, mice, and rats. All of which are considered pests. Though some extermination companies refuse to exterminate bees do to their status as an endangered species. 

If you need raccoon feces removal and disinfection the best choice is to call the professionals. They will have all the protective gear they need, all the chemicals, and all the tools that you do not have access to as someone who does not run an extermination company. Our technicians are licensed and Insured and trained at heights and capable of removing or exterminating anything, anywhere. So don’t try to get rid of raccoon feces on your own, it’s far too dangerous. Trust the experts to clean it, sterilize it, and deodorize it.