How to stop a raccoon from defecating on my deck

How to stop a raccoon from defecating on my deck

Raccoons are a menace and a pest. They carry all kinds of diseases but they also happen to be very clean animals. Raccoons will often live on one property and then move to the neighbor’s property to defecate. This can be a nightmare especially when the neighbor is rewarding the raccoons by feeding them. Raccoons are voracious eaters and their feces are highly toxic. They eat dead rotting meat and rotting vegetables so their feces has a very strong smell. The biggest danger is not to adults who can recognize and avoid it but for small children and pets who may touch it or put it in their mouths. This will result in horrifying symptoms and a trip to the emergency room so if you have raccoons pooping on your deck you will need to do something about it right away. 

If you are dealing with raccoons, the likelihood that they leave behind feces is very high. They can transfer diseases and viruses that can be damaging to your health. Contact a professional raccoon feces cleaning and removal service.

Decks are often easy to deal with. As most decks have furniture you can just rearrange the furniture to confuse the animal. They may simply leave, no longer being able to access their special latrine. Make sure to put something heavy directly on the spot where the latrine was. Otherwise, they will keep pooping there. If you succeed they may still choose a new location on your property so further measures must be taken.

Laying down plastic and better yet, bubble wrap, on the ground all over the site causes the raccoon to feel foot discomfort. Their feet are very sensitive and materials that feel wrong to the raccoon tend to send them packing. With bubble wrap, the animal will realize its making noise and leave before a human comes. It can be a great alarm. 

If they are truly refusing the leave you will have to wait for them at night, with the hose. When you see them fire a pressurized stream straight at them. Don’t be afraid to go for the face or butt. Keep spraying them till they run away and they likely will not come back. You can also install a motion-activated sprinkler that will scare that raccoon off. Or just give it a bath. Raccoons are very unpredictable. 

If you have a raccoon defecating on your property and you have tried everything then it is time to call in Raccoon Control. Our skilled and licensed technicians can set up a safe and human trap that will capture the animal and allow a technician to relocate it far enough that it cannot find its way back.