Humane Raccoon Babies Removal Methods

Humane Raccoon Babies Removal Methods

Raccoons can annoy you beyond words owing to their destructive nature. Besides turning your residential compound into a zoo of unwanted furry animals, cocoons are also conduits through which rabies, fleas, and roundworms may attack your home, leaving behind a trail of diseases. For this reason, many may vouch for “phase out raccoons” campaigns – a matter that can lead to the inhumane treatment of these creatures which can as well be funny and entertaining in the same breath. Raccoons’ role in keeping the natural balance of events can’t as well be overstated. It’s subsequently significant to know how to control raccoon populations in your compound by deploying humane raccoon babies removal methods. Call our professional raccoon removal services in Toronto

Warm Locations

Picking up a gaze of baby raccoons from soft and warm spots in your compound and throwing them out in the cold is inhumane. Just like human beings, baby raccoons can’t survive low temperatures. Other than dying as a result of frostbite, baby raccoons aren’t always recognized by their mothers whenever their body temperatures fall below certain levels. Subjecting them to cold conditions subsequently, equals exposing them to fatal parental neglect.

Consider Injuries

A raccoon can seek asylum in your compound to recuperate from an injury that it obtained running away from a predator. Don’t, therefore, whisk out any raccoon that you may bump into – in your compound – before checking whether it’s injured or not. Broken legs and spinal injuries can be fixed in animal zoos and orphanages. Therefore, instead of throwing injured baby raccoons back to the wild, clean their noses to prevent suffocation incidents which may be brought about by dried blood on their nostrils and then give them a ride to the nearest animal care expert.

Find the Mother

At birth, raccoons are nearly blind. It’s consequently possible for them to be left behind by their mother as they shift from place to place in search of food. The humane thing to do in this instance is to figure out where the mother might be. Flow her trail by looking at any possible tracks which may lead to her current dwelling place. As you do this, ensure that the raccoons are warm enough to emit the scent that their mother needs to recognize them, take them back, and accord them the parental care they deserve.

Adopt a Raccoon

Raccoons can make wonderful pets since they are hilarious and intelligent. Adopting one or two isn’t, therefore, a bad idea. Take your time to learn more about their diet and grooming requirements should you decide to adopt a raccoon. Or, how else would you treat baby raccoons humanely if you adopt them, only starve them to death?

Call Professional Raccoon Removal Company

As a professional raccoon removal company, we highly recommend calling experts for baby raccoon removal since it is a very delicate process and requires a lot of expertise and knowledge. All our wildlife technicians have decades of experience and equipped with the best tools to perform the proper removal process. We use thermal cameras to detect raccoon nests and can use them to evaluate possible damage. We utilize only humane raccoon removal and know where to look for baby raccoons. We provide comprehensive wildlife inspection and baby raccoon removal services of properties for commercial and residential clients. Feel free to call us for non-obligatory consultation and quote.

Article Updated: March 11, 2020