"There's something in my attic!"

“There’s something in my attic!”

When concerned homeowners drop us a line to investigate a pest problem, our technicians provide Raccoon Removal Toronto services often discover certain pest issues aren’t always as they might seem. Loud scratching and chewing noises coming from the attic, often the sign of a medium to large-sized animal, is a classic example of this. Particularly in the winter months, when many animals are just as eager as us to hunker-down and bundle up in a warm place, perhaps even with a friend,  animal infestations in attics can become a huge problem, causing you to lose sleep, quality time with your family and peace of mind.

Rodents, such as squirrels, which chew at almost any surface they can find, can severely damage your shingles, roof vents and even electrical wires, which could lead to water damage or even a house fire in the future. As the winter season comes to a close, Raccoons will often break in through your soffits and begin there yearly breeding cycle, and before you know it, your attic may be home to not one, not two, but perhaps six or seven furry varmints. However, ask yourself this question; are you sure that what you’re hearing up there is a squirrel or even a raccoon?

When a member of our team arrives at your home to investigate your pest problem, they will always thoroughly check the outside of your entire house for any animal entry points.  With squirrels, a chew hole in one of your roof vents will provide them easy access into your attic. Raccoons on the other hand, known for their extreme strength for their size, will often tear your roof vents right off, dig a hole directly through your shingles, or squeeze themselves up against your soffits and push themselves through. So, if one of our technicians finds that all of your roof vents, pipe vents, soffits and chimneys are completely undamaged, what is it that’s making that loud noise up in your attic?


Yes, that’s right! These little buggers can be deceivingly loud as they tunnel their way through your attic insulation, scratching, biting and chewing everything in their path. Our technicians will confirm this by finding their small, black droppings scattered throughout your insulation, or by finding mouse burrow holes winding and wrapping all through your insulation. And it’s not just their habits that make them so loud; it’s their numbers! Mice can multiply extremely quickly, reaching sexual maturity at twenty-one days old and breeding every twenty-one days after! It’s not uncommon to find commercial buildings and even residential dwellings that are home to colonies of over two-hundred. They can squeeze their way in through openings in your walls and roof the size of your pinky finger,

 But never fear, Raccoon Control is here!

 We are equipped with the most cutting-edge systems for rodent elimination on the market, like our specialized commercial-grade rodenticides. Only two small packets of our rodenticide will eliminate up to one-hundred mice from your home in only SEVEN DAYS! securely enclosed in child and pet-proof station containers, they’ll be placed behind your stoves, radiators, sinks and, of course, in your attic, making sure that you’re never bothered by these pesky critters ever again. Remember, The Raccoon Control doesn’t put pests in their place, WE SEND PESTS PACKING!