Infrared Imaging and Raccoon Entry Spot Detection

Raccoon infestations are a nightmare. They are filled with dangerous bacteria, viruses and even parasites that can all be passed to humans very easily. One of the greatest threats from raccoons is rabies, for which they are a vector species and raccoon ringworm which can actually be inhaled from raccoon feces both dry and wet. Contact with their feces and urine can cause all kinds of illnesses and parasites like giardia and ticks. So avoid these animals like the plague! If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Toronto to solve your raccoon problem!

The best way to keep them away is preventative measures taking away their access to food. This is the best method to stop them from coming on your property. The first step is taking care of your garbage. Make sure to store it in a tightly sealed container that has been locked and stored in your garage till the morning of pickup. Leaving it outside at night is a recipe for raccoon disaster. 

You will also need to prevent any leftovers or pet food from getting on your property. These items are a major attracting force for wild animals and will definitely result in an infestation. 

The good news about finding raccoons who have penetrated your home is that they have to do it by ripping open a hole. Being that Canada is cold for most of the year this gives our technicians an amazing opourtunity to find entry points using infrared optics. We can search for entry points using infrared without having to cause damage to your home by peeling back siding. Our technicians are well trained and very capable in the use of this technology to find wild animals and warm blooded pests in your home. So trust us to rid you of your infestation and we will make sure they never come back.