Raccoon and food from green bin

Raccoon Green Bin Strap

Raccoons are a serious problem in most Canadian neighborhoods. Many families wake up to the horror of their garbage cans being tipped over and contents sprawled all over their lawns. It’s a frustrating and annoying experience especially if you have to deal with it more than once. 

New 2018 Green Bin Toronto

Early 2018, the city of Toronto unveiled its final fleet of green bins that were raccoon proof and made it extremely difficult for the masked bandits to get into your garbage. These green bins have been designed with a special lock feature that outsmarts the cunning critter. Well, raccoons are really smart animals, and their persistence has helped them outsmart this lock feature. 


So how can you secure your green bin from raccoon attacks? 

Well, raccoons are fairly smart animals, and it clearly didn’t take them long to figure out how to unlock the green bins. To ensure that your trash is secured and you don’t wake up to garbage spilled all over your driveway and lawn, a special green bin strap could do the trick. 

A green bin strap can be used to securely strap your green bin after it has been locked. Since raccoons have clearly figured out how to maneuver through the lock feature, the strap helps tighten the lid through the handles securing it from raccoon raids. 

To prevent future attacks, make sure you double-bag your trash before you place them in the green bin. 90% of the time raccoons raid your green bin is because they can pick up the scent of its contents. Double bagging helps mask the scent. Also, when using the green bin strap ensure that you hold it securely by passing it through the handles. Raccoons might be smart, but they are not strong enough to chew or open up the strap. 

What is the bin strap?

The green bin strap is a solution that helps keep the lid on your green bin sealed and secure, helping protect the environment while at the same time protecting your trash from raccoons. The green bin strap was introduced after raccoons cleverly figured out how to open the locks on the green bin. The green bin strap is strong enough to keep your garbage bin closed under adverse weather, and when tipped over by a raccoon. The bin strap is bought separately and can be found at your local store. 

What are the benefits of the green bin strap?

  • It is flexible, durable and robust. A green bin strap is strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. 
  • Once tightly fitted on your green bin, the strap will keep your bin closed even if itis tipped over by a raccoon or storm. 
  • It’s an effective solution to keeping away pests such as rats and even raccoons. 
  • Apart from securing your green bin tightly, it helps protect the lid from damage. 

Green bin straps are an effective method of keeping raccoons out of your trash. However, you need to understand that raccoons get to your trash because they are attracted to food sources. Getting professional to inspect your property will help you get the root cause of their raids. At Raccoon Control we provide raccoon inspection, removal and exclusion services in Toronto. Contact us for more details about our services.