What Are Good Ways to Stop a Raccoon from Returning Nightly?

Best Raccoon Bait for Dog Proof Trap

If you are reading this, you have a raccoon problem, and you are probably looking for ways to trap it. Raccoon trapping can be fun and also an inexpensive way to get rid of them. Raccoons eat almost anything, enticing them into your trap is an easy task. These pesky critters are both opportunistic and resourceful. They are intelligent and adaptable. 

Raccoons cause a lot of damage to property apart from just ripping open your garbage cans. They will gnaw holes to get into your attic insulation and cables. They will also make a mess of your garden stealing vegetables and fruits. Raccoons also carry a host of diseases including rabies. Therefore, if you have a resident raccoon, take immediate action to protect your property and family. 

What do raccoons eat?

Raccoons are omnivorous, and there is a wide range of baits that will attract them. Most raccoon hunters use a variety of food from wet to dry pet food, to white bread or special raccoon trapping paste. Raccoons eat chicken, bread, pet food, muffins, sweet corn, pork, candy, pancakes, oranges, bacon, French fries, pizza, steak, and a lot more. To make it simpler, raccoons will eat anything you put in your mouth. Fatty meats and sweet food as some of the best baits to place in your dog proof trap.  

Best raccoon bait

Raccoons are optimistic creatures and will eat just about anything they find on their way. However, they favor sweet and fatty foods. If you are going to use a dog proof trap, the best bait to use should be sugary bait; this is because they target raccoons without attracting any other animal.

Store bought bait

WCS Treeberry Multi-Animal Paste bait

This store-bought bait is a powerful attractant of pests when using a dog-proof trap. A bonus is that you could use it to trap other animals too, including skunks. This bait has a strong scent, the only thing you need to do is place it into the trap to lure the raccoons. This bait is perfect for raccoons that have a taste for sweet sugary foods. Before purchasing it make sure you pay close attention to what your resident raccoons are eating. This bait also has a long shelf life, and can still be used long after it is opened. 

Coon Gritter bait

This bait is in pellet form and can be used perfectly on the dog proof trap. You will likely attract other rodents too, and its advisable only to use a bit of it at a time. The Coon Gritter bait also has a long shelf life, but its advisable to put it in a clean airtight container after opening it. 

Ausable Brand Dog proof trap bait

Its one of the best dog proof trap baits in the market, and it uses a combination of foods like corn and fish to attract the raccoons. This bait is packed in the form of pellets making it easy to use on the dog proof trap. This bait has a strong scent that will lure raccoons into your trap. 

Homemade bait

There are endless recipes you can use to make your bait. You could also use food raccoons like on the trap Such as:

  • Marshmallows
  • Watermelon
  • Sweet corn
  • Honey coated vegetable
  • Cat food
  • Canned fatty meat
  • Fish

But if you are looking to make homemade raccoon bait that will lure raccoons fast, we have a recipe for you. You will only need the following ingredients for this recipe:

  • Floating Catfish food
  • Shelled corn
  • Maple syrup
  • Molasses

How to make homemade dog proof raccoon bait.

Step one: Place equal amounts of catfish food and corn into a storage container.

Step two:  Add the mixture into a mixing container. 

Step three: Add the molasses and maple syrup and stir. 

Step four: After mixing, return the product into the storage container until you are ready to use it. 

Capturing raccoons isn’t an easy task, there are several risks involved. Bites or scratches from a rabid raccoon could be fatal. Raccoons also harbor parasites that can be transmitted to humans through contamination or getting into contact with their droppings, therefore, if you are unsure about using a trap, its best to call in the professionals such as Raccoon Control. 

A professional wildlife removal service works with professionals who are both skilled and experienced in getting rid of nuisance wildlife. They will also offer advice on best practices to keep raccoons out of your property for good.