Using Infrared Cameras to Locate and Remove Raccoons from Walls

If you have raccoons on your property you should be very worried. Raccoons are a major source of rabies and can easily pass it on through bites or scratches to your pets and even your children. They also have feces that is so toxic it can kill you with a vast array of illnesses. Raccoons are not safe, they are a dangerous addition to a home and can risk the health and well being of your family.If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Markham to solve your raccoon problem!

Removing them is a two-fold process that includes prevention, don’t rely on the technician to get rid of all the raccoons in the city, they can only get rid of the one in your home specifically. And while we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our work, the animal can break-in in another location and revoke your warranty and cause the whole situation to play over again. So make sure to deal with your property and limit raccoons access to food and water.

Coy ponds are a big thing in Toronto and are also a literal feeding ground for raccoons who love to eat coy. Your pool can even be a water source and so can a leaky hose. So make sure to tighten all the faucets in your home and seal all leaks. Als o make sure to get rid of all food outside, no pets should be fed outside and if you choose to eat outside, make sure to take the leftovers inside and dispose of them in the garbage. don’t throw the food on the ground because it will attract animals. 

If you have a raccoon in your home climbing around in your walls there is hope. It may seem impossible to get rid of them but its not. At Raccoon control we have technicians decked out with infrared cameras and goggles that allow them to find the warm body of the raccoon even behind a wall or hiding in an attic or basement. No more fear of animals in your walls, we have the solution!