Raccoons in Toronto

Raccoons in Toronto

Raccoons in Toronto. Raccoons can be found in rural, urban areas in Toronto in large numbers.. In an urban environment, it is very common that raccoons are born near Toronto attics. These provide safety and security to an expectant mother raccoon. It can shield her and and her babies from climate and other animals. These critters are fun to watch but can become pests to most homeowners. Our Toronto raccoon removal services are fairly popular. Raccoons are attracted to lawns where grubs and other insects live. A few methods of getting rid of raccoons are by sprinkling soap flakes on the lawn and watering thoroughly, mixing bone meal into the garden soil, lighting up the area, or adding a mixture of hot pepper sauce to your fruits and vegetables.

Raccoons also love compost, garbage, and pet food. It is important to store your garbage in a closed container. It also helps to spray strong smelling repellants such as ammonia or mustard next to your composter. It is a good idea to feed those house pets indoors and good lighting also helps around the area where garbage or compost is stored.

Do a check around the perimeter of the home for any gaps where raccoons can get inside such as chimneys, garages, and sheds. A determined raccoon can chew holes into buildings and rip shingles off of roofs. If you do have a home intruder then make it miserable for this animal. Encourage raccoons to leave by playing the radio or tv loud, hanging up ammonia soaked rags, and keeping the are brightly lit. Once these intruders leave make sure all holes or entrances are boarded up properly. Use heavy rustproof screens to cover any vents, board up holes with galvanized sheet metal, and any other preventative methods necessary to keep unwanted guests out.

There is also live trapping which is done by commercial wildlife companies. They should be consulted if you have a raccoon trapped between a wall or walls in your home. It is not appropriate to trap, poison, or shoot an animal. It is a good idea to always check the laws of the area you live when it comes to animal removal.

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