The Dangers of Raccoon Urine

The Dangers of Raccoon Urine

Most people talk about the danger of raccoon poop, and for good reason. But raccoon urine is also a serious hazard that needs to be dealt with. It won’t actually make you sick but it may be mixed with feces, and that will make you very, very sick. If a raccoon was in your attic for long enough to urinate repeatedly then you may have some serious issues. And, as we know, there there is urine there is also feces, and when they mix they can be catastrophically dangerous.

Raccoon urine will drip down into the walls and through your ceiling, and if you think the poop smells bad, the urine smells worse. You will likely have to replace your insulation and then find a way to sterilize the area and get rid of the smell.

You can try cleaning everything yourself. Witch chemicals from the grocery store but the truth is there isn’t anything strong enough at your local grocery store to deal with sanitation of this severity.

You can try bleach, but it’s dangerous, corrosive and inhaling it can hurt your lungs. How about ammonia? Not strong enough, you need something better. Or how about some Clorox wipes, though should work, right?

What you need are professionals with commercial-grade cleaners and techniques that will actually work and ensure you and your family’s safety.

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