Raccoons Defecating Under my Deck -What to Do?

Raccoons Defecating Under my Deck -What to Do?

So you got raccoons. Your garden is ruined, you’re trash cans are knocked over and trash is everywhere and your bird feeders are all empty. These guys have got to go. So if you have a raccoon living under your deck here are a few ways to get rid of it and you can always call our expert raccoon removal Toronto services.

A raccoon under your deck is annoying enough, with all the noise they can cause. But when they start using it as a latrine things can get serious. It can seep into your basement and infect members of your house with some really bad diseases:

First, you will have to cut off their food sources. That means your garbage must be stored in the garage and the garage door must meet the ground when it closes or raccoons will manage to get in. You will need to cover your garden in steel mesh to prevent them from eating your bulbs. Remember, raccoons are omnivores, they will eat literally anything.

If you have to leave garbage outside then you can try using steel cans held down with bungee cords and maybe weighted down with a large rock or cinderblock. Though this is still not a guarantee.

This seems obvious but doesn’t leave pet food outside. Take down your bird feeders and don’t leave any food outside even for a minute. Raccoons are usually nocturnal but food will bring them out in the day time.

Fruit trees are another issue, you will have to wrap it tightly in something a raccoon cant chew through if you want to protect it from the raccoon living under your deck.

Some people even recommend leaving a radio on outside all night to annoy the raccoons into leaving.

If you try everything and nothing works then you still have one last hope. Call the professionals raccoon poop removal to come and wrap the deck in steel mesh, put up a one-way door and watch that raccoon leave and never get back in. If it feels unsafe, it will leave the property and find another home.

The choice is clear, call Raccoon Control today.