Using Thermal Camera to Detect Raccoon in Attic

If you have a raccoon in your attic then you could be in serious danger. Raccoons are a vector species for rabies, which means they are one of the most common carriers of the disease. If they get into your attic there is a chance they could get into your home and interact with your pets and children, or even you. And if the raccoon has rabies the interaction could be a health risk or even fatal. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill to solve your raccoon problem!

If there is a raccoon in your attic then you need to get rid of it. This requires a two-fold attack on both removal and prevention. Without prevention the raccoons will simply return to your property and try to break back in. So how do you prevent a raccoon from getting into your attic or even entering your property? Food and Water. That is what all raccoons are after.

In order to prevent this you must take serious precautions. Do not ever leave pet food or leftovers outside overnight. Try not to feed pets outside at all because food falls out of their mouths and litters the ground attracting wildlife like raccoons. You must store your garbage in your garage in a sealed and locked container, otherwise, they will knock over the container and rip into your trash making a huge mess in your yard. If you have a garden it is a smart idea to cover it in steel mesh, fully covering and dun a foot deep into the ground. This will help prevent raccoons from coming on to your property at all because they will have no food to eat. Water is important to remove as well. Cover your pool at night and cover your ponds. Raccoons love small fish and coy ponds are very common in Toronto.

For removal you can call Raccoon Control. We use infrared technology to safely search for the raccoon in your attic. The raccoon is warmer than its surroundings and even while hiding will move slightly. This allows our technicians to find them even in pitch-black darkness.