How Do Possums and Raccoons Differ?

What are Some Dangers if My Dog Eats Raccoon Poop?

Raccoons and dogs don’t meet very often but your dog is curious and licks everything so he may come by some raccoon poop and try to eat it if that happens what should you do and what are the dangers?

Raccoon feces look very similar to the poop of a small dog, so it’s hard to tell what it is at first. If there is a lot of it then it may be a latrine, which is even more dangerous. Raccoons are discerning and will often choose a specific spot to poop.

These latrines of raccoon poop are dangerous to your pet because they contain a large number of dangerous diseases and parasites that can infect your pet.

They can catch Leptospirosis from a puddle infected by raccoon urine or from licking raccoon feces that has also been urinated on. The dog can then spread that illness to you through its urine. Your dog can also get giardia which is a terrifying illness and will result in your dog vomiting everywhere and don’t forget the dahlia. Its a real mess and your dog may not show these symptoms so its important to get fecal exams done by a vet.

So if your dog eats some poop that looks a little weird, sort of like colourful dog poop, take them to the vet right away. And if you find poop on your property, don’t try to deal with it yourself, call the professional raccoon poop removal and disinfection services.

So if you have a raccoon pooping on your property and you have a dog you need to do everything in your power to get rid of the raccoon and its poop. This generally means blocking off the raccoon’s access to food and covering places it likes to poop with plastic to deter it, eventually, the raccoon will move on. Call Raccoon Control for fast and expert raccoon removal Toronto services.