Why Are Raccoons Dangerous

Why Are Raccoons Dangerous

Raccoons may look unassuming, even cute to some people but it is dangerous to forget that the very essence of a wild animal is its wildness. Granted that raccoons are more docile than most other wild animals which are why people occasionally keep them as pets or feed them intentionally. It is best to keep away from a raccoon if you can help it.

Why Raccoons Are Dangerous

Vicious animal: like any other wild animal, a raccoon has the potential to be vicious especially when cornered. These critters have strong claws and sharp teeth and will attack if they deem it necessary. Although attacks on humans are relatively rare, it is not uncommon for a raccoon to attack pets such as cats and dogs. Some raccoons are rabid especially ones that prowl around during the day. Rabid raccoons show uncharacteristic aggression and will attack unprovoked. Not all raccoons that are active during the day are rabid. Some mothers may simply be looking for extra food for their babies while others have adapted to urban life. Whatever the case, visit the nearest hospital if you are attacked by a raccoon; you may be at risk of contracting rabies. The same goes for your pets.

Disease Carrier: Rabies is probably the most well-known disease that raccoons carry. Others include leptospirosis and roundworm which can be transmuted to humans and pets through inhalation or ingestion. Wear protective gear including facemask and disposable rubber gloves when cleaning up raccoon feces or urine.

Destruction to Property: You only need to have raccoons in or around your property to appreciate just how destructive these animals can be. Damage may include destroying garbage cans, digging up holes in the yard, tearing up insulation, chewing support beams, defecating in pools, eating fish in decorative ponds, ripping off roof shingles, destroying fruit trees and flowerbeds and other mindless damage.

Hire a Raccoon Removal Company to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are dangerous animals and it is prudent to avoid them all together if you can help it. Hire a raccoon removal company in Toronto if you are having trouble with wildlife in or around your property.

Trapping raccoons, assuming that you can do it safely in the first place, is almost never a good idea. You may be keeping a female from its litter and the babies will die of starvation, exposure or dehydration without their mother. It is also illegal to transport wildlife in Canada for more than a kilometre without a permit. Raccoons are expert navigators and the animal may find its way back.

A wildlife removal expert will know how to handle your raccoon problem safely, humanely and effectively. He will also help to clean and disinfect, repair the damage that the coons might have caused and wildlife-proof your home to keep the animals out permanently. Insist on a warranty of at least two years before hiring the company.