Ways to Stop Raccoons from Destroying Your Garden

Ways to Stop Raccoons from Destroying Your Garden

Raccoons appear quite harmless in their natural habitat. On your property, they will lay waste on your garden at night, leaving you to deal with an unruly yard in the morning. These creatures will knock over garbage cans, destroy plants and flowers and dig holes as part of their hunting experience. Raccoons are wild animals and may attack especially if they feel cornered or threatened.

Before you consider tackling the problem on your own, bear in mind raccoons are protected wildlife. This means you should not kill or transport it for more than a kilometre. Though the law limits your options, there are tricks you can employ to keep them at bay.

How to get rid of raccoons

Rid your compound of all potential food sources; raccoons are scavengers and will eat anything. Don’t leave pet food outside and that includes bird seeds. In the evening, take all food bowls inside or clean them so the creature will not find any free food. Consider using heavy garbage cans they can’t knock over or use locking lids or straps to seal the garbage cans shut. Regularly clean the container with water and bleach so the raccoons can’t smell the garbage.

You may come across advice to use ammonia, cayenne pepper or habanero chilies as a repellent to spray on poles, fences, and corners in your yard. These are simply old wives tales and may actually harm your pets.

The best approach is to call a Mississauga raccoon removal company. If the raccoons are wreaking havoc in your yard, it might be possible that they’ve made a home in your attic, basement, shed and any other quiet, dark and warm place. Raccoons breed during spring and therefore require a safe place to birth, feed and raise their offspring.

An expert raccoon removal professional can get rid of the wildlife and secure your home and garden from future invasions.  Cleaning and disinfecting after the eviction is necessary because raccoon droppings and urine carry diseases. This, along with repair for any damage the animals might have caused is included in the service.