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Raccoon removal Toronto costs can vary depending on several factors. Pricing depends on the extent of damage the animals have caused and accessibility. Typically raccoon removal costs vary between $270 and $500. The base fees cover the installation of the one way door to allow animals to exit. However, the cost of getting a raccoon out of your attic can increase based on how many entry points need to be addressed. However, every job is different no single raccoon removal job is the same.

The presence of unwanted raccoons in a home can be very unnerving to homeowners.  They cause extensive property damage, breaking through soffits or roof vents.  Once inside the property damage can prove to be even more unpleasant as the raccoon may have damaged large parts of the inside of the attic, including tearing all the ductwork, the insulation off of piping, or removing or trampling insulation.  In addition to that, if the raccoon has been defecating or urinating in the attic, the residual matter will need to be cleaned up and professionally disinfected given its toxicity to humans.  This can all seem very overwhelming to the consumer, and the whole idea of “How much is this all going to cost?” can be quite distressing.

When an animal has entered the home, the standard process is to install a one-way door that allows the animals to exit but not reenter.  Once the door has been installed and the animal has left, the door must be removed and the initial entry point sealed up to make sure the target animal(s) do not return.  Most companies will offer standard pricing for the installation, often including the cost of the exterior inspection.  The fee should typically range between $275 and $325, however depending on the height or accessibility that can vary.  Even if raccoons can burrow under a deck the price for the one-way door should not fluctuate.

Getting raccoons out of an attic is a multi stage process, involving several steps to properly diagnose and formulate a solution.  First off an exterior inspection must be performed, and should the raccoon have entered during the baby season an attic inspection would also be necessary to verify the existence of babies and to remove them if necessary.  As these processes take time there is inevitably a cost attached to them by the wildlife removal company that has been hired.  The fee to remove raccoon babies typically varies between $95 – $225 depending on the length of the inspection and the work that must be performed. Removal costs can vary depending on the situation. While in most cases affordable wildlife control is the case, animal removal does require some more costs in some cases. These costs depend on how much animals have damaged the structure. 


The start of any wildlife removal job requires a full exterior and roof inspection.   As raccoons are stronger and more dexterous than most other species of urban wildlife, our technicians will expand the scope of their inspection to find and identify any and all entry points on your property.  Knowing where to look for entry points is essential to solving the problem of unwanted raccoons living in your house.  Our skilled technicians know how raccoons move and think, and will take the time to cover all angles and do the job right. 

Getting them out.

Once the entry point(s) has been identified, we will install a one way door on one of the openings for the raccoons to exit the property. The one way door opens only from the inside, it allows the animal to exit but does not allow it to come back in.  This means that when these nocturnal animals go out at night to scavenge for food, they won’t be able to use your home for shelter from the elements.  After we verify the animals have left the property, we will return to remove the one way door to seal up the hole.   Shutting the hole with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing will keep raccoons out for good.  


Raccoons are very intelligent and hardy creatures.  They are able to solve complex problems with relative ease, and are stronger and much more deft than most forms of urban wildlife.  They can break through soffits and rip off roof vents with relative ease, so to safeguard your house into the future these weak points need to be identified.  Our experienced technicians can know what to look for, and can identify these areas and will be able to repair to further protect your home from raccoon problems down the line.


We guarantee the removal of raccoons from your home and give a minimum 2 year warranty on the work performed.  If raccoons manage to break into your home through any of our work you are covered.  All our technicians take pride in their work and make sure that every job is completed to the highest quality standards. 

Another cost to be aware of is other points of entry that the animal may be able to access.  Even if the one-way door is attached to the entry point, other areas of accessibility must be addressed as well if they exist.  These can vary from reinforcing soffits, installing roof vent covers or trenching a deck.  Although some companies may have custom made products for certain features on houses, you should typically be expecting a cost of about $20/foot.

The most important factors to consider when hiring a wildlife company is that fixed costs are rare, and ultimately you get what you pay for.  The cheapest alternative can often be a short term solution to a long term problem, which can end up costing you more money down the line.  Be aware of the pricing when hiring a wildlife removal company, make sure they warranty their work and think of the cost as a long term investment in your piece of mind. 

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Guaranteed Service

Warranty 2 years

All our raccoon exclusion work is covered by a 2-year warranty. If a raccoon get back in through our work within two years we return at no additional charge.


Warranty 2 years


If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal.