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Raccoon removal Brampton. Professional raccoon removal solutions in Brampton. Call us today to schedule an inspection. Raccoons can cause many problems to your home. They are known to cause damage to any place they enter. Attics, decks, sheds are just some of the places raccoons find their way in: 647-557-7932

Humane removal of problem raccoons. Wildlife management technicians specializing in the removal of problem raccoons from your property. Raccoons are responsible for year round property damage and disturbances. We offer services in Brampton and surrounding areas.

Raccoon Removal Process
Our specialists use only humane and powerful ways to eliminate pain raccoons. We take extra care to make sure that raccoons are removed in ways which won’t damage the animals, is completed so that home is guaranteed and disinfected and lastly we take extra precautions and measures to make sure that raccoons won’t enter your house again. If you are experiencing problems with a raccoon have a professional perform the removal for the animals safety as well as your private.

Raccoons can be easily identified. They range in size, however their weight is anywhere between 2 to 14 kilograms. Raccoons are mostly active at night. So if you hear scratching noises in the attic during night time, it is not squirrels but raccoons. They nest in attics during the spring months when they give birth to their young. On some occasions they can be seen during the day in areas where food sources are abundant. Mating occurs during the days of the-year with increased daytime and chiefly between February and March. In cities, raccoon populations can be considerably larger than in the wild. Most raccoons lair in dark quiet areas near to the food source. Just in case you got a living in your home, odds are it is really a female. It’s largely girls that create dens most of these created during the summer months.