Professional Raccoon Exclusion from Decks

During warmer months raccoons can take shelter under decks and porches. We remove any animals under the deck and seal the deck so that no raccoons can enter. Typically deck exclusions require trenching around the structure.

At any given point in time, you can almost bet there is a raccoon living somewhere near your home. Although raccoons naturally live in the forest where they eat nuts, fruit, plants, and bugs, they will often find their way into urban settings. Urban dwellings provide ample opportunity for raccoons to seek shelter and food.

Raccoons are often a nuisance when they invade urban spaces. They notoriously knock over trash cans in an attempt to rifle through your garbage. They also invade parts of your home, such as your attic or chimney. They can even invade the space beneath your deck. Imagine heading out onto your deck only to find a hungry and not very happy raccoon.

Raccoon-Proofing Your Deck

Your deck can provide an excellent source of shelter for a raccoon in need of a safe place to sleep. There are many things that might attract a raccoon to your deck, which is why you will need to use raccoon-proofing tips to prevent that from happening. For instance, if you have outdoor pets, you likely put food out for them to eat. A hungry raccoon will be more than happy to come up and munch on a cat or dog food you have sitting out.

Most often a raccoon will seek shelter under your deck because she is a mother raccoon about to give birth to her pups. She may also already have babies and simply needs a safe, dark, quiet place for them. The best way to ensure a raccoon does not turn the space under your deck into their personal den is to make sure it is not dark, quiet, or otherwise attractive.

deck exclusion raccoon removalYou can start by placing lights on the underside of your deck so that it remains brightly lit at all times. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and would prefer not to have bright light within the safety of their den. Make sure to set up the lights in such a way that it does not create a fire hazard.

deck exclusion work

Create noise so that it deters raccoons away from your deck. For instance, you can place a weatherproof radio on or near your deck. Turn the volume up to a point that it is tolerable for you and does not disturb your neighbours. Use a talk show station rather than a music station. Music is unfamiliar to a raccoon, but the sound of people talking feels threatening to their safety.

Another option is to hire a professional to raccoon-proof your deck. They can install barriers around the underside of your deck that prevents raccoons from creating a den under there. If you already have a raccoon living under your deck, you will need to have it removed before you can raccoon proof the area.

Professional Raccoon Removal

deck exclusion raccoonsMake sure you opt for professional raccoon removal Toronto. You should not attempt the DIY approach. Attempting to remove a raccoon on your professional deck exclusionown terms could spell out disaster. Raccoons carry diseases and bacteria that are harmful to human and pet health. Also, if provoked, a raccoon may attempt to bite or scratch you.

If you do not know what you are doing, you run the risk of harming a raccoon and her young. In an attempt to get away from you, a mother raccoon may abandon her pups. In such cases, you run the risk of orphaning the pups, which is considered inhumane. Instead, allow us to provide you with our professional raccoon removal services.

We will clear raccoons and their babies out from under your deck and move them to a safe location away from your home.