At Raccoon Control, we do our best to provide our customers with quality service all over the Greater Toronto Area. We deliver the best service consistently all-year-round, 365 days a year so you can rely on us when there is a raccoon issue going on. We treat both commercial and residential property so we can count on us to be ready, prepared, and focused on the job that we will succeed in. Being a familiar face all over the Greater Toronto Area should give you the expectations of what kind of service you can expect from us throughout the region. Our technicians are licensed professionals with years of experience dealing with numerous cases. You can rest assured that there is not a case they have not dealt with in the past. Our technicians are licensed through the ministry of health and follow strict guidelines and industry standards with regards to animal handling and exclusion. At Raccoon Control we do not trap, we do no harm, and we do not kill the animal. We simply give the raccoons a way out by utilizing the successfully proven methods that we have been using for all the years that we have been active in the industry. At Raccoon Control you can be at ease in knowing that our technicians have the highest regard and respect when dealing with the ever-so present raccoon. If you have any questions and or comments about the process, give us a call and we will walk you through!