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Professional raccon removal solutions. We remove raccoons from attics, decks, roofs and more. Commercial ans Residential Solutions. Guaranteed Removal. 

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Raccoon Removal Burlington

Guaranteed and humane removal of pest raccoons. We remove raccoons from attics, decks and seal all entry points.

Humane raccoon removal solutions. If raccoons have made their way in your attic or shed, call us. We can provide effective raccoon removal solutions that are affordable and guaranteed. Wildlife removal  technicians specializing in the removal of nuance raccoons. Raccoons are responsible for year round property damage and disturbances across the GTA. We offer services the can solve this problem for homeowners in Burlington. Call now: 647-557-7932

Guaranteed Service

Warranty 2 years

All our raccoon exclusion work is covered by a 2-year warranty. If a raccoon get back in through our work within two years we return at no additional charge.

Disinfection Services

We are ready to serve for your safety. Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Our Disinfection Services Include:

  • Botanical Hospital Grade Disinfectants
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Ultra-low Volume Mist Fogging
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Pigeon Feces Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection
Wildlife removal with thermal imaging
Thermal Image of Raccoon in Attic

Raccoon Inspection with
Thermal Cameras

The seasoned technicians at Raccoon Control have the most recent technology at their disposal to do their work as efficiently as possible. Thermal imaging provides the technician to see objects that are not feasible to be detected with the naked eye. With the thermal imaging camera, the technician is able to detect the raccoon(s) with little difficulty through the detection of infrared radiation that these animals release. Through this, we can find the most well-hidden raccoons behind walls and ceilings which leads to a fast exclusion.



Fully licensed and insured raccoon removal Burlington professionals. We are committed to humane raccoon removal, exclusion and trapping methods.


We are available 24/7 to deal with any raccoon problems you might have. Call us to book a full wildlife inspection. If lines are busy, just leave a quick message and we will get back to you within minutes.



Our pricing is competitive and transparent. We price the removal, and animal proofing services separately. There are no hidden fees. Our rates are straight forward. No surprises!


We have several professional crews and can accommodate same day or next day service. It is easy to book an appointment. You can call any time to book for a time and day that works for you!



Our raccoon removal services are guaranteed and are backed by a 2 year warranty. If our work gets compromised we return at no additional cost.

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Raccoon Removal Solutions

Humane and Effective Services

Raccoon Removal Burlington. In the case that a raccoon takes up residence in your home, we can help. After an initial inspection the technician will provide a solution taking up your attic. We will place a one way door on the entry point, repair all damage and let the animal leave. Once the animals exit we will return to retrieve the one way door and seal all entry points. Every member of our team is trained to provide solutions to even the most complicated raccoon problems. Our services are guaranteed and are backed by a two year warranty. Raccoon removal requires professional attention as remedies dont always work. Call us: 647-557-7932

Raccoon trapping Exclusion, Removal

When raccoons enter your home, shed, attic, porch or structures to shelter, you may want them out. In that case, exclusion is the best option. This means that you merely get the raccoon out of your household and lock it out. Exclusion trapping is a type of live trapping were an animal is trapped at the point of entry into a structure. Unlike ground trapping where a baited trap is set on the raccoon’s path, exclusion traps are placed at the entry points to give the raccoon a one-way ticket out.
This method has several benefits since the trap is set up, so the target raccoon has to go through it, it will not require the use of bait. In situations where there is more than one animal in the vicinity, exclusion ensures that you are trapping the target animal and no other. It’s also ideal for situations where the raccoon is living in your attic, chimney or roof.
Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Burlington.

Raccoon Proofing

Complete Raccoon Proofing Solutions with a 2-Year Warranty. Our Wildlife Proofing Services Include the Protection of Following Areas:

  • Roof Vents
  • Soffits
  • Roof Edges
  • Ventilation Pipes
  • Chimneys
  • Wall Vents
  • Decks
  • Sheds

Raccoons in Burlington

Raccoons have adapted very well in urban settings like Burlington. They can be found in the city outskirts as well as in the downtown core.

Raccoons are known to break into attics for shelter. The quiet and warm space is ideal for female raccoons searching for safe den sites to have and raise their young. Most break-ins occur during the late winter early spring months. The raccoons will defecate and urinate inside the attic and continue to contaminate the space until they are removed. They will compress and shift insulation, damage electrical wires and continue to cause damage to the structure. The longer they stay inside the attic, the more damage they will cause. We know that raccoons can be difficult to deal with and in some cases even dangerous. Will we make sure that all raccoons are extracted while taking every step to shielding your property from future invasions. Call at: 647-557-7932

Entry point repairs

Raccoon prevention is probably one of the most valuable services you should get done in your Burlington home. Luckily for you, we offer the best professional raccoon removal services in Burlington. Raccoons can severely damage your home trying to get shelter or nesting space. We will do a thorough inspection to identify all exit and entry points in your household and property. Our experts have the capability of sealing up exit and entry points made by raccoons.

 Exclusion repairs will also help you further prevent the nuisance caused by raccoons. We only use top of the range material, and its standard our technicians use these materials to offer 100% prevention.  Repairs to raccoon entry points are one of the key ways that you can keep raccoons out of your Burlington home, meaning this will be crucial for raccoon prevention. Raccoons often create entry points to have access into your office or home, in case you have done repairs, they will try to get back in. Once they fail, they will most likely move on.

Entry point repairs Burlington



How Raccoon Baby Season Impacting Businesses






soffit raccoon protection Burlington


Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Burlington.

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Common signs you have raccoons

Raccoons might seem like cute, mischievous, little creatures; however, they don’t make good house guests. Raccoons are perhaps one of the largest, most dexterous urban pets you can encounter in your home. Raccoons are less than subtle when they decide to invade your garage, attic or shed. There are several apparent signs a raccoon has entered your home, and in case you notice any of them, you need to act instantly inform your local Burlington wildlife removal company. It’s important to note that raccoon removal should only be performed by a professional and experienced wildlife removal expert. So, what are the common signs you have raccoons in your household?

  • Due to their size and weight, they are easily distinguishable. If you can hear thumping noises in your trash cans, attic or shed you probably have a raccoon. It will often feel like a someone is stomping on your roof.
  • Raccoons are vocal animals and especially when they have young ones. It’s important to note that the sounds made from the baby raccoons differ from adult raccoons.
  • You can also identify raccoons with nesting material. Raccoons will immediately begin making themselves at home by building nests. They will use just about anything to make a nest.

Common raccoon damages

Raccoons are very destructive creatures, and due to their size, these animals can make a real mess of things, in a very short period. They have sharp teeth and have the capability of chewing off your roofing tiles, support beams, and even your drywall. When you are inspecting your attic space, look for any obvious signs of damage to your floor, walls, and ceiling of your home. In case raccoons are trapped, or in panic, they will destroy your attic in a matter of hours to forcefully get out.

Raccoons will also damage anything on their path whether in panic or not. They are known to damage home insulation, HVAC components, structural beams that support your home and wiring. Things can get dangerous once raccoons begin damaging your support beams or home insulation. When you notice these signs of damage, contact your local Burlington wildlife control professional.

Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Burlington.

Should You Trap Raccoons?

Raccoons cause all kinds of mindless damage including tipping garbage cans, chewing on support beams and wires, tearing up insulation and digging holes in the yard and more. It is only natural that you want to get rid of the animals as quickly as possible but there is no getting around humane removal. It is illegal to kill, injure or harm wildlife in Canada.

Make sure you use a live trap. Paw hold traps, body grip traps and lethal traps of any kind are out of the question. The coons may be causing damage but there is no excuse for killing or injuring the animals if you can help it.

Get a trap at least 12x12x36. A small trap may be ineffective or injure the animal. Buy a brand name trap with good reviews. Homemade traps are rarely effective and are more likely to harm the animal than capture it.

Make sure that the trap is flash on the ground and stable so it doesn’t wobble. Follow the instructions to set the trap correctly paying special attention to the pan tension. Keep the trap clear of anything the raccoon can reach out to destroy including screens, wires and walls.

Use a non-meat bait to avoid attracting neighborhood pets and stray cats. The best bait is what the raccoons are currently eating on your property. Marshmallows and white bread also work well. Create a line of bait leading into the trap and place some behind the trip pan at the back of the trap. This ensures that the animal sets off the trap.

Finally, check the cage regularly. You don’t want to expose the animal to predators, starvation, dehydration or exhaustion. Keep in mind that it is illegal to transport wildlife in Canada for more than one kilometer without a permit.

Why You Shouldn't Trap Raccoons

Trapping may be effective but it is not necessarily the most humane raccoon removal method. In fact, most professionals prefer eviction (such as using a one-way door) and only trap wildlife when absolutely necessary. Even then, the professional relies on extensive training and experience to ensure the animal’s safety and that of humans and pets.

Hire a professional raccoon removal company in Canada to get rid of wildlife on your property. The service also includes wildlife-proofing your home to avoid a similar problem in future. 

professional raccoon trapping Burlington
Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Burlington.

Attic Decontamination Services

Attic decontamination is a term that is used by wildlife control professionals for the process of restoring your attic to its original state after it has been infested by raccoons and other rodents. To an untrained eye, your attic might look like it just needs a good scrubbing. However, our experts at Raccoon Control know that raccoons inhibiting your attic are not simply a messy nuisance.

Raccoons have the capability of damaging your foundational attic material while nesting. Worse, are contagious diseases that they may be carrying. Raccoon waste that includes, urine and dropping are biohazards that often contaminate your attic insulation. Therefore, to protect the health of your family, it’s important that you understand the effects of attic decontamination.  Our experts will not only scrub your attic and contaminated areas but will also do the following:

  • Identify health risks
  • Deep clean contaminated areas
  • Exterminate raccoons
  • Restore contaminated areas of your household

Attic decontamination is a professional grade service that will yield huge returns on your home investment. Let our experts do the dirty job for you. We will help you reclaim the safety and health of your home.

Raccoon prevention services

Once a raccoon gets entry into your home, it will stay and multiply, making it almost impossible to get rid of them due to their invasive nature. You might not be in the best position to control raccoon, especially if you lack the knowledge and expertise that is needed. The best way you can handle this situation is to hire a raccoon prevention company such as Raccoon control. We have the equipment, knowledge and even the experience of dealing with this threat. Our services cover several areas of raccoon removal services and rodent prevention services.

Its recommended that you try both our services so that you can eliminate the threat and prevent it from coming back again. It’s important to note that the damages caused by raccoon are far from structural, they also cause health risks since their waste is a biohazard and the damages caused on your structures including structural beams, insulation, and roofing tiles could have deadly impacts.

wall vent cover Burlington
Warranty 2 years

If raccoons have made your home their home call use for immediate raccoon removal Burlington.

Wildlife Removal Burlington

We at Raccoon Control provide effective and reliable wildlife removal and control services. We guarantee the removal of squirrels, skunks, birds and other wildlife using know-how methods and professional tools. All our squirrel removal, skunk removal and bird control services are humane and effective. Our technicians can deal with any and every wildlife control issue you might encounter in your property.

The individuals that make up the excellent team of wildlife removal specialists take a lot of pride in their work. At Raccoon Control, we give our neighbours the best possible service in Burlington. Wildlife has successfully integrated itself in the GTA while overwhelming many residents at the same time for as long as time can tell. Squirrels, raccoons, and skunks make up the majority of our cases that we resolve daily. These pests are often found in attics, crawl spaces, sheds, and even in garages along with their young. At Raccoon Control, we are proud to say that we have the most current equipment available to us. It helps us to locate the animals without having to tear down any walls. With the help of our thermal cameras, we can strategically place our ‘One-Way Door’ to have the animal leave and to prevent it from re-entering. We only use humane and ethical animal exclusion methods that do not involve killing or harming any animal that we deal with. To find out more about our process, you can contact us at any time and we will explain what we do in detail!

Call us today for humane wildlife removal services in Burlington and Aldershot. If you are concerned about what you think might be sick, injured or orphaned wildlife please visit the city of Burlington informative website

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