Raccooncontrol.ca is a division of Wildlife Shield offering humane wildlife apprehension at affordable prices. While we specialize at removing raccoons we offer a wide range of wildlife removal solutions.

Our technicians are trappers licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. This means that our technicians have taken courses on wildlife management, humane approaches, are experts in the biology of animals and can provide the valuable services that will solve your wildlife issue once and for all.

While most wildlife control operators can relocate an animal only within a 1km from where it was captured, we face absolutely no such restrictions. If you hire our trapper to deal with an animal that is damaging your property we are permitted to relocate the animal to another area entirely.

With over 15 years of experience in solving human wildlife conflicts we know exactly what to do in every situation. We provide guaranteed animal proofing every season. Just give us a call and have your wildlife problems solved once and for all.