How to stop raccoons from pooping on my roof

How to stop raccoons from pooping on my roof

There are a million and one devices, sprays and traps on the market to catch and fend off raccoons. Not one of them works. There are wives tails and internet blogs that will tell you laying plastic down will get the raccoon to leave you alone, they will just start a new latrine a new location. One thing that does work is waiting all night for the raccoon to show up while holding a pressurized hose. Spray the raccoon and don’t stop spraying till they are off your property. This may work but you will have to keep it up for a good week and that means no sleep. So if you have a raccoon on your property pooping on the roof you may have to call the professionals.

If you are dealing with raccoons, the likelihood that they leave behind feces is very high. They can transfer diseases and viruses that can be damaging to your health. Contact a professional raccoon feces cleaning and removal service.

There are many ways people claim to get rid of raccoons or to prevent them from defecating on the roof. Sadly most of them won’t work and will be very hard to accomplish. Stapling plastic sheets to the roof is nearly impossible for someone who does not do it professionally and trying to go up there to spray wolf urine is ineffective as the urine will just be washed away and be destroyed by sunlight. 

Going up on the roof is dangerous, most people are not roofers or at heights trained. Most people have never gone on their roof or only went up to them when they were younger. An older person, especially someone with mobility issues should never attempt to climb a ladder and even a perfectly healthy active person could easily fall and lose everything they worked for. 

The feces you will be cleaning is seriously toxic. It is filled with disease and on a roof, it will dry quickly and the eggs of raccoon roundworm will become air born, and being on the roof, there will be wind blowing that feces into your face. If you are not wearing proper facial protection you could end up in the emergency room with the roundworm, or worse. Not to mention the raccoon could still be up on the roof, especially at night but if it lives in the attic it may come out to growl at you and that sudden scare could send you off the roof easily. 

If you have raccoon feces on your roof you need to hire professionals. Call Raccoon Control and we can not only remove the feces but we can sterilize the area with commercial grade hospital-grade botanical sterilizers that kill pathogens and harm nothing else. So call us now, don’t break your back to clean up some feces.