What Kind Of Remedies Can Repel Raccoons From My Home

Raccoons are pesky creatures that are hard to get rid of once they invade your home. They are known to carry disease and can cause quite a racket once they gain entry into your home. They are aggressive creatures that are capable of attacking you so be very careful when dealing with them. Here are some safe ways of repelling them. Using preventive measures to avoid raccoon infestation. The main reason for raccoons to invade your home is their search for food. Collect all food that may have been dropped on your compound and dispose it properly. Also remember to clean your grill after use to get rid of any food residues. Buy garbage cans that can be secured so as deny raccoons access to your trash which may contain food. Wash them often to prevent foul smell that will attract the animals to your home.

You could also consider fencing your property if you haven’t done it yet. If you have done it but still find raccoons, walk along the fence and check for gaps that they may be using as entry points. Cover them and then as an extra precaution, pour a repellant along your fence and on your home. Dog or cat repellants will do the trick but you can also buy raccoon specific repellant if it’s available locally. If the raccoons have already gained entry into your house, a viable option would be to use traps. Buy the appropriate trap with sturdy walls as raccoons are strong and crafty animals capable of escaping. Place them in suspected nesting grounds and don’t forget to check often so that the trapped animals do not die inside and start decaying.

The other option is using repellants. Walk around your house and search for entry points. Identify one that has signs of frequent use. Block all the other minor entry points permanently but use newspaper to block the
major one. Dip a few tennis balls in ammonia and toss them inside the nesting place. You could also spray a boiled mixture of cayenne pepper and habanero chilies into the area. Check the newspaper covered hole regularly, if you find it open, it means the raccoons have evacuated and you can now close it permanently.