what is zombie raccoon?

What Is a Zombie Raccoon?

RAn Ohio town was inundated with raccoons walking on their hind legs angrily swaggering around. Being that raccoons are nocturnal it is very strange that they are doing this in the day time. It is clear something strange is happening to the raccoon community in North America. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill to solve your raccoon problem!

Signs of the event died down but have now appeared in, of all places, new york city. 

Many scientists believe this is a widespread pandemic of the distemper virus in raccoons. They claimed it was a small event but the numbers have been spreading and many places in the united states are reporting raccoons with distemper. 

The illness is highly dangerous ad fatal and can spread to other animals like common pets. The animal will suffer confusion and aggression. This may even cause raccoons or infected pets to aggressively attack their owners. New York is trying to contain the outbreak but it is not going well and likelihood is your town will soon have mad raccoons on their hind legs willing to attack anything that comes near it. 

If you are worried about these raccoons coming to your property or breaking into your home then you need to take immediate action. You need to store your garbage in a rightly sealed locked container in your garage and make sure the door to the garage meets the floor or you may as well pot the garbage on your living room floor. Make sure to take all leftovers in and never feed your pets outside. That is the worst cause of wildlife infestation is pet food left outside. 

If you have a raccoon in your home you can hire a professional to have them removed. At Raccoon Control we have technicians that are highly trained in safe and humane raccoon removal that will leave your house safe and protected from future attacks.