Raccoon Intrusions Are on the Rise in Toronto

What is Distemper and How It Impacts Raccoons

London seems to be having an issue with raccoons. Not that they are overrun, quite the opposite. The raccoons are actually dying at a rapid rate. Twice what was reported the previous year. Corpses fill the streets and parks and yards and raccoons have been reported to be acting strangely, active in the day and acting strangely. The city has been inundated with reports daily that raccoons are dying everywhere. If you want to get rid of the raccoons in your home, contact Raccoon Removal Toronto  to solve your raccoon problem!

Distemper is a virus that can be fatal to raccoons. It resembles the virus rabies and can be passed on to many different animals. Humans thankfully cannot get the illness but are at risk of being attacked by an animal with distemper and catching a vast array of other illnesses. Raccoon corpses are also very dangerous, They rot and their feces and urine spill out onto the ground creating a highly toxic environment. The animal doesn’t just have to be removed, the area must be sterilized for roundworm and other dangerous infections. 

There have been reports as well that the illness hardens the raccoon’s pads on their paws. They chew at it incessantly and end up bloody and mutilated leaving a trail of blood as they walk. 

The biggest danger to your home by raccoon distemper is your pets. They can catch this illness from interacting or being bitten or scratched by a raccoon and the vet bills may be expensive and if you don’t act fast your pet may have to be put down. 

If you have raccoon corpses on your property or in your home call Raccoon Control. We can remove the bodies with ease and sterilize and deodorize the area so that no one will get sick. We can even replace your insulation.